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Spring Home Outdoor Trends

Spring Home Outdoor Trends

As it has begun to get warmer and sunnier outside and we are starting to feel the lovely spring breeze, we tend to want to spend more time outside in the fresh air. Whether it is spending time with the family, dining outside or working in the sunshine, we are looking for new ways to organize our days for a more outdoorsy style. And why wouldn't we, if we have the chance to not only bring spring inside our home, but to decorate the backyard, porch, balcony to be a comfortable space to spend more time together with friends, family outside. In this post we would like to give you some inspiration and go over some spring home outdoor trends.

Under The Sky Living Room

Living room under the sky

As it is getting warmer outside, the evenings are becoming more lovely and the outside is feeling more welcoming. Therefore, why not decorate your backyard and bring your living room space outside. How dreamy it sounds to spend an evening with your friends or family under the stars with comfortable seating, a soft throw on blanket and some perfect lighting to match the atmosphere. To give the space an even more charming look, consider installing fairy lights over the lounge area for that idyllic under the stars living room experience as seen in the photo above. For a more comfortable and welcoming vibe, include a statement, eye catching rug to enhance the living room theme even more and allow yourself and family to enjoy the comfort during warm days and evenings bare feet.


Dreamy Garden Dining Shed

Dreamy garden dining shed foliage removable wallpaper

As restaurants and cafes are starting to open their outside areas to dine outside in the fresh air, why not redecorate your garden shed into a dreamy dining space. This spring season the interior trend is to use natural material and bring outdoors inside, therefore, going with wooden material furniture and decors as seen in the photo above, definitely will give a modern interior for a chic dining experience at home. This season we also can see a lot of greenery being brought inside home for an extra fresh spring feeling. Having a garden shed and bringing greenery inside can create a great inside-outside space that merges together with the garden. To give the dining experience an original touch of charm, use removable wallpaper to cover the ceilings. In the photo above we can see the ceilings wallpapered with the Light Green Botanical Foliage Removable Wallpaper giving a touch of spring and bringing the outside indoors.

Bringing Home Office Outside

Bringing home office outside

With the working from home staying even after the pandemic and becoming more popular, a lot of people have created a comfortable and convenient office space at home. However, as the weather is becoming more and more irresistible outside and we start to crave to spend our days in the outdoors, a great option is to organize an additional workspace outside in the garden, on the porch or balcony. However, there are a couple of things to consider - the lighting, the comfort, the space and if there is roof in case of rain, to not damage any of your equipment. Furthermore, thinking about health and time spent in direct sun is important as well. Therefore getting a chic parasol over your outdoors work desk can even add a beautiful luxurious holiday vibe to your everyday work.

Maximizing Balcony Space

Maximizing balcony space pink metroline removable wallpaper

If you have a spacious balcony at your home, this might be the time to give it a new purpose and decorate it to maximize the space and create a comfortable outside area. As seen in the photo above a comfortable wigwam with a large and soft rug, pillows and blankets can give your children a dreamy space to play and chill outside. Other trends for a balcony makeover are a small chic bar area with a high table and chairs for a breakfast coffee outside or a nice wine evening with a friend. This season's trends include bringing a daybed outside, hanging comfortable swings for the spring, colorful table for two, chic lounge area and plenty of charming light for the night. If you have a sidewall on your balcony, consider wallpapering it with a fun, cheerful removable wallpaper to give your balcony some pop of color and fun. The wallpaper seen in the photo above is the Neutral Paintbrush Maze Removable Wallpaper.

We hope these spring home outdoor trends listed above will give you some inspiration for a home outdoor spring project to create a welcoming, comfortable and charming space to spend more time outside in the sunshine.

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