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Whimsical Baby Boy's Nursery With Nautical Theme Styling | Room Tour

Modern nautical theme boys nursery with soft interior decor and paper boats removable wallpaper

A while ago we received these beautiful images from a very talented kid's interior designer Rebecca of Maison Ellie Interiors featuring this whimsical baby boy's nursery interior she had created for her little client Benjamin. Rebecca offers various design services, including online consulting, so if you're looking to create a bright and modern space for your little one it doesn't matter where you are in the world - she will be able to help you create the kid's room of your (and your little one's) dreams! If, like me, you can't get enough of eclectic style interiors, browse through this blog post to see how she pulled all the design details together to create an eclectic yet cohesive nautical style baby room nursery.

Modern style baby boys nursery with nautical theme and colorful eclectic interior decor

For this nautical themed baby boy's nursery Rebecca chose our Paper Boats Wallpaper in Traditional Wallpaper material from our Ocean Inspired Kid's Room Wallpaper Collection. You may ask what is the added bonus of the traditional wallpaper? The width of each panel is wider than self adhesive wallpaper, therefore the overall pattern is also larger than it would be on a nursery wallpaper peel and stick. Sometimes it can be very important, especially if you like the attention to detail! Plus, it is also removable in full panels, once you are ready for change! Read more of other perks of the non woven wallpaper here.

Nursery accent wall with captain poster and nautical theme colorful books on floating acrylic shelves

I think I might have mentioned this in other room tours as well, but I just love how easily you can bring color in a nursery or kid's room interior with books and toys! All you need is a neutral or light base, otherwise the room might look too busy. In this specific nursery, Rebecca started with painting the walls white and adding a light area rug, which somewhat hides the dark floors and makes the room appear even more lighter and brighter. 

Nursery rocking chair and dresser in neutral grey color palette in white coastal theme nursery for baby boy

The mix of grey and white furniture is also very well thought out as it is neutral and will go with any style and color palette of the room, when it's time for a change. And this neutral furniture pieces of course it allow the blue colors shine! Another detail I find amazing is that Rebecca mixes various shades of blue in this room, thus not limiting the decor pieces to only 'cool' or 'warm' tones.

The mix of woods is also beautifully executed and even though there are both cool and warm toned woods, they just work so well together and doesn't limit to buying only one specific tone of wood furniture. 

White ledge shelf with colorful nursery decor and books in white coastal baby boy nursery with paper boats removable wallpaper by Livettes

Oh, and can we take a moment to give a shoutout to this beautiful shelf styling?! I know it's not always possible to keep the shelves so neat and tidy, but as it is positioned against a blank white wall, I imagine it would look amazing even when overflowing with toys and accessories.
White nursery interior with coastal style and paper boats removable wallpaper

I absolutely adore this beautiful eclectic nursery design and have to say that because of it being eclectic it would fit neatly in any house in the world, not only in an actual beach house. Check out our nursery wallpaper boy selection of designs or for more peel and stick wallpaper nursery designs - head over to our Nursery Wallpaper collection!
I'm curious, what do you think of this whimsical approach of designing a nautical themed nursery? Did you find any ideas to steal for your own project? Let us know in the comments!



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