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Boho Style Nursery Interior With Wallpapered Closet | Room Tour

Gender neutral nursery interior inspiration with removable botanical wallpaper
This absolutely beautiful nursery was designed by Katie Lamb for her baby boy Walker. However we believe this lovely nursery would also work wonderfully for those designing a nursery for a baby girl or simply wanting to keep it gender neutral. Browse through this blog post to take a tour of this white & green toned baby room with lots of gorgeous bohemian style decors!
Minimal boho nursery interior design for baby boy with white and green color palette
We love how minimal yet impactful this nursery is! Even though it is all white interior the olive green accent colour and natural wood elements add warmth and serenity to this interior.
Gender neutral nursery styling, kid's room closet organisation and design
And actually the most colorful area so to say in this this whole room is the nursery closet! To add an interesting touch and a little bit of whimsy Katie chose our Light Green Botanical Foliage wallpaper in Self Adhesive wallpaper material. All it took is a little bit of 'peel & stick' and the closet was complete!
Modern bohemian gender neutral nursery design with olive green accent colour and foliage removable wallpaper
A wallpapered closet is also a fantastic wallpaper project choice for those who like minimal interiors, but at the same time want to have that one corner that just seems to be more fun than the others! More so, as most closets have doors, you can vary between keeping them open or closed to suite your everyday mood. This will also help not to tire of vibrant patterns and/or colours so quickly!
Gender neutral nursery closet design and organisation with peel and stick removable wallpaper diy
The Light Green Botanical Foliage wallpaper is actually one of the most popular choices for gender neutral nursery interiors, and we can see why!
The subtle green colour works with so many colour schemes, especially the whites and neutrals chosen for this nursery interior. It adds a subtle backdrop to the whole room, at the same time not overpowering it and allowing for you to view the interior as a whole. 

Green is such a happy color, therefore, if you also are planning to incorporate some cute green wallpaper for your own kids room, then make sure to visit our Green Kids Wallpaper collection for more designs like this one. 

Olive green changing table for boho farmhouse baby boy nursery interior
We also love how Katie chose to add the wallpaper to only one of the nooks of this nursery. They each seem to tell a different story, but are tied together beautifully with the olive green accent colour running throughout this interior.
Nursery closet organisation ideas, boho gender neutral nursery closet design with removable wallpaper
Every single storage solution and interior decor element seem to be so well thought out and creates a beautiful balance and harmony in Walker's nursery. And it proves that sometimes all you need is a couple of rolls of removable wallpaper!
Minimal gender neutral nursery closet design
If, like us, you can't get enough of this beautiful baby room and found some inspiration or would like to know design details of this room, make sure to visit Katie Lamb's blog for whole room tour and decor details! And if you have used this wallpaper design for your own nursery or interior, please get in touch, as we'd love to see the final look!

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