Interior envy: Colorful modern California apartment

Colorful livingroom with tropical wallpaper and aztec print rug
This amazing California apartment has been featured in Domino and LA Times, and for a good reason! Firstly, it's rental. Secondly, it just bursts of color and eye-catching details that make this living space a complete interior envy. Scroll through and you will see what we are talking about!
Interior designer Dee of Murphy Deesigns knows how to play with patterns and materials. Her work has been featured in numerous magazines and websites, and we see why. The apartment is vibrating with colors, patterns and textures, but it is so well balanced that it creates a very cohesive effect, don't you think?
Colorful California apartment livingroom with plants and wall decors
Dining room with round table, cow skin rug and fiddle leaf fig plant
Entire living space has been remodeled, modern combined with vintage & romantic accents for a fresh new look. As Dee puts it, everything in this apartment was beige before and her client was ready for for a change of scenery, and Dee always incorporates sense of playfulness in her work. All of that resulted in a bright & eclectic glam aesthetic, which we cannot get enough of. 
Eclectic glam reading corner
For a full interior before & after photos don't hesitate to head over Dee's website  and look for some modern styling tips for your next interior redesign.
Oh, and if you are looking for similar look, this is the removable wallpaper she used for the living room area.

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