Colorful & creative family home in Raleigh, NC - Interior Inspiration

Hi there! This week Friday we'd like to share with you and interior inspiration of a fun & creative family home! Key here is fun colors, interesting patterns & artwork as well as a space for personal growth for the little ones. Read more to tour the house of Rachel Fox and her family!
Livingroom with bold artwork and blue lounge chair
Removable chalkboard wallpaper in kids playroom interior
This is a very happy family home of 5 - Rachel, her husband Scott and their three children, Eva, Elsie and Ethan which was also recently featured in Design Sponge Interiors section. Their oldest daughter Eva is a born artist - hence why the first thing you see when you walk into their home is a chalkboard wall! Rachel and Scott have installed removable chalkboard wallpaper in the living area for Eva to be able to express her creative thoughts whenever she wants. And thanks to this chalkboard wall, the living room area is ever-changing space interior design-wise. Genius!
Black wall in living room interior with mustard colored lounge chair and geometric pattern pillows
Simple dining room area with patterned table cloth and colorful florals
The mix of patterns and colours continuous throughout the whole floor. Vibrant art pieces and colorful florals gives an additional pop of colors to the room, and looks just right with the brass elements found as light fixtures and decor pieces.
Eclectic living room area with moroccan rug and moroccan cushions
White foyer with moroccan rug and snake plant in an art deco inspired potThe entryway is kept simple - white with light decors and brass elements which complements the chalkboard wall perfectly. As you know, you can never really go wrong with black and white, and with a neutral base like this the other colors pop against it creating a well designed look no matter how many other tones you choose to implement in the interior.
Kids room with chalkboard wall and colorful area rugs and wooden clothing rack
Girl's bedroom with pink bed and round brass mirrorThe upper floor of the house is dedicated for the master bedroom as well as bedrooms for the kids. Eva, the oldest of the three, has recently transferred to her very own bedroom. And you can see that the love for Hello Kitty comes through the room theme - the pink is the main accent color here and it looks 100% like a girl's room goals! The base is still neutral allowing for the room to be changed as she grows and if she decided pink is no longer her color, the change of the accents will transform the whole room completely. 
Girl's room with plush dolls, IKEA doll house and pink cushions
Kid's reading nook with bright rug and colorful pillows
Here in her room she has everything a young lady can wish for - her own reading nook with a swing chair, chalkboard wall to express her bursts of creativity, PINK bunk bed, doll house and even her own little clothing rack to be able to choose her outfits for the day! I mean, I was always taught to 'draw on the paper, not the wall!' but Rachel and Scott have a rather different approach - let kids be kids! 
Bright shared kid's bedroom with Scandinavian wallpaper and coloful decor elements
Black and white wallpaper in kid's bedroom interior
Since Eva has her own room now, her younger sister Elsie is now sharing a room with her little brother Ethan. Their shared space is also designed to have space for growth, and they are encouraged to be curious every day. The bright decor elements and Scandi inspired wallpaper creates a fun & playful overall look, while keeping the room neat and spacious.
Simple eclectic master bedroom with moroccan rug and palms
Simple master bed with colorful duvet and patterned cushions
The use of various colors continues within the master bedroom as well. Light patterns and muted shades create a very calming space for the parents to unwind after the long work days. Simplicity is indeed perfection and touring this house from top to bottom - we are loving every bit of this colorful home! 

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