Awesome Boys' Room Interior Inspo - Back to School

As September is here and first week of school is almost finished, we couldn't think of a better topic for our room reveal than to share this awesome boys room interior inspo. Scroll through this post to catch some inspiration for a rather sophisticated yet playful boys room interior design. A perfect space for your little man to grow into!
Constellation removable wallpaper in boys room interior
I love how the room itself is designed with very sophisticated and rich hues like the various shades of blue and the green oriental rug, in the meantime keeping the base of the room neutral. I feel it is the most clever way to style kids rooms actually, because it is rather easy to change things up as they grow.
Styled dark blue dresser with gold hardware and cactus plants in boys room interior
Another awesome thing to use in kids rooms is removable wallpaper. In this interior designer Sarah Joy has chosen our Constellation design wallpaper in self adhesive material. This will allow a super quick change of scenery once the little man decides he wants something even more sophisticated to resemble his personality. 
Navy blue accent wall in boys bedroom with ficus plant and yellow nightstand
This white delicate print bedding is from IKEA and corresponds very well with the delicate constellation pattern of the wallpaper, tying in also the sheer white curtains and making the room look bigger than it might actually be.
Boys room shelf styling
As Sarah reveals in her Babiekins - Sleepykins story, most of the decors in this room was chosen by her son, such as this Skateboard Art piece. She wanted his room to resemble himself, so tying in his favourite colors and decor pieces that he thought was awesome. I feel that boys always opt for the main colors - red, blue and yellow and it comes through here as well. These primary colors work wonders as accents against the neutral base and deep blue hues.
Boys room interior with workspace and colorful decor pieces
His very own workspace is very important for two reasons - he has his own space where he can do homework and other important things, while it also holds home of his very own pet, Finny the Fish. The home for Finny was of course also chosen by Sarahs' son. May I add that he has a very good taste in interior decor?
Boys room workspace styling with bright decors and modern aquarium
All of these pops of color makes the room look very playful and modern, while the sophisticated shades of blue and green keep the room rather grown up and timeless.
I hope you have caught some ideas for your next kid's room project, or if you have anything you would like to share with us, don't hesitate to leave a comment below! 

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