Rectangular Wall


    Measure width and height of the wall at the widest and tallest part of the wall. Divide the total width with either 19 (for self adhesive wallpaper) or 25 (for traditional wallpaper). Round up the result to the closest full number to calculate the panel quantity needed for the project. 
    • Wall width is 113 inches and wall height is 108 inches.
    • Desired material for the project - self adhesive wallpaper.
    • Calculations: 113 : 19 = 5.95
    • Panel quantity needed: 6 panels
    • Panel size option #1: 19 x 108 inches (only if the walls are perfectly even or measurements include baseboard/crown molding)
    • Panel size option #2: 19 x 120 inches (to allow for extra material on top and bottom of the wall when installing wallpaper - crucial for uneven walls)