Copy of Main Differences Between Our Wallpaper Materials

Main Differences Between Self Adhesive And Traditional Wallpaper Materials
Common misconception is that self adhesive and traditional wallpaper materials are the same and the only difference is the application method, but it is not the case at all, as these are two completely different materials. Application method as well as texture and other specifics are different for both wallpaper materials. Because of this reason, these two wallpaper materials cannot be installed side by side to achieve a cohesive look. Please see the table below for a quick specification comparison between self adhesive and traditional wallpaper materials. 

Application Method Peel & stick Installed using wallpaper paste or glue
Texture  Fabric based material with subtle canvas-like finish  Non-woven material with smooth paper-like finish
Panel Width 19 inches
25 inches
Pattern Scale Proportionally smaller than on traditional wallpaper Proportionally larger than on self adhesive wallpaper
Material Base Color Bright white color background Slightly off-white color background
Fire Resistance Certification Class A/Class 1 fire rating according to ASTM E84 Standards Euro Class B/Class 0 fire rating
    Wallpaper Panel Size Comparison
      • Self adhesive wallpaper width measures: 19 inches (48.3cm).
      • Traditional wallpaper width measures: 25 inches (63.5cm).
      We offer various panel sizes for each wallpaper design and material. As the self adhesive wallpaper panels are 19 inches (48.3cm) wide, the printed design is smaller when compared to the traditional wallpaper material. And because the traditional wallpaper panels are 25 inches (63.5cm) wide, the printed design is larger when compared to the self adhesive wallpaper material.
      Please see image below for illustrated panel width and height examples, as well as pattern scale difference between our self adhesive and traditional wallpaper materials.
        Wallpaper Texture And Color Differences
        The base color* as well as material texture of our self adhesive and traditional wallpaper materials are different, which in result makes the panels of the same wallpaper design look different when compared side by side. Our self adhesive wallpaper is more bright white, which makes the printed design appear more cooler and vivid compared to traditional wallpaper. The traditional wallpaper is more off white, which makes the printed design appear slightly warmer than on the self adhesive wallpaper. Please see image below that illustrates the color and texture difference between these two materials.


        *Please remember shade may vary between sample and current production 

        Should I Order Samples?

         If you are unsure wether self adhesive or traditional wallpaper would work better for your interior project and would like to test them on your walls before committing to a larger purchase, we always recommend ordering wallpaper samples first. Click here to learn more of our offered wallpaper sample options and how to order them online!