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Master Bedroom Remodel | One Room Challenge Spring

One room challenge 2019, guest participant, Livettes wallpaper.

The first week of One Room Challenge is finally here and in this spring series we are doing a boho inspired master bedroom remodel! We are going for a sophisticated yet modern approach to typical bohemian bedroom style with accent greenery and dash of patterns for an added whimsical touch. Scroll down to see our vision board of the master bedroom interior!

One room challenge 2019, spring series. Guest participant master bedroom remodel in modern bohemian interior style.

As we are working with a rather small rectangular space we have chosen to keep the base very neutral with white walls and light wood flooring and accent wall behind the bed. The bedroom is rather small so all the furniture is kept very light and airy to not cramp up the room. However to add a bit of depth and make the room more interesting I am adding various accent elements to the bedroom interior.

First of which is greenery, because nothing really adds more liveliness to the room that indoor plants, don't you think? Plus they bring a feeling of calmness & purify the air which is always a win-win! Second design element that you will see around the interior is a mix of various patterns. The key of bohemian inspired interiors is to reflect your lush travels around the world, so different styling elements are tying together for the perfect look. There is Scandi inspired elements, such as low key checkered bedding from H&M and Delicate Herringbone removable wallpaper from our shop. Then you can see a bit of jungle vibes given by the plants and green accent color of the interior design. A bit of coastal styling elements can be found as well - the woven rattan chair as well as storage baskets. And last but not least I will try to add additional Moroccan decor to the room as the One Room Challenge advances. For this the plan is to scout the thrift stores as well as local interior shops to find the best interior decor elements for this particular bedroom style - we unfortunately have not been to Morocco just yet!

I am very excited to see how this master bedroom design plan develops as this room has been put on hold for almost a year now, and as the summer is just around the corner, I am eager to see it finally complete!



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