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What Color Wallpaper Should You Choose?

What Color Wallpaper Should You Choose

Planning interior make-over is a fun and exciting time. Bringing some changes in your everyday environment is an important task as you will be spending a lot of time there. Choosing not only the style and design, but color scheme you would like to go with is an important task. Choosing the right color wallpaper can be based on your style, your favorite colors, colors that make you feel the best and the interior you would like to create as a color can make the space feel larger, smaller, warmer and calmer. To help you make the decision of what color wallpaper to choose, here will be some important details to consider about light, dark, bright and neutral colors.

Light Colors

Minimal Linen Lines Entry Way Design

A lighter colored wallpaper design can make the room feel brighter and more spacious. Choosing a lighter color in a room or space that does not have any natural light coming in, is a great way to make the space feel more welcoming and lighter. In the photo above we can see a beautiful example by Suzy where with our Minimal Linen Lines Removable Wallpaper the entryway has become brighter and it has made the area look more spacious and ceiling higher than they are.

Blue Leaves Design Removable Wallpaper Powder Room Interior
Lighter color wallpaper design as well works great as a backdrop in the interior, allowing to combine it with bolder, colorful furniture and decors without making it too overwhelming. Lauren has created a gorgeous luxurious coastal interior design in her powder room with the Blue Leaves Design Removable Wallpaper as seen in the photo above. Lighter colors can also create a calming feeling and luxurious retreat vibes in the interior as the colors make the room feel more open and spacious. However, be careful with textured walls as lighter colors tend to make any wall defects and bumps become more visible through the design than with a darker wallpaper design.

Main Characteristics Of Light Color Wallpaper:

  • Makes the room feel brighter;
  • Creates an illusion of the room being more spacious;
  • Creates a calming and open atmosphere;
  • Allows to combine with bolder and colorful furniture and decor.

    Dark Colors

    Bold Leopard Design Powder Room

    Wallpaper designs in dark colors make a unique interior design that can wow your guests from the moment of entering. It is a more unusual choice when it comes to color choices. It can make the room feel more intimate, quiet and cozy. As dark colors absorb light, the walls can appear to feel closer and make the room feel smaller. It is a chic choice if you are looking for an original and uncommon design. As seen in the photo above, Elisha has created a very stylish powder room design with an added feeling of luxury with our Bold Leopard Design Removable Wallpaper.

    Dark Vintage Floral Removable Wallpaper Interior Design

     A darker color wallpaper is as well a perfect choice if you are looking to hide some defects on the wall or uneven walls as through a darker color small defects and texture will be less noticeable or not noticeable at all, when with a lighter color coverage there is a higher chance that they would be. Furthermore, walls with darker design wallpaper can tend to dominate in the interior, therefore, combining it with lighter colored furniture and accents can be the right choice for a beautifully balanced interior style. In the photo above we can see a blooming interior design done by Carrie with our Dark Vintage Flower Bouquet Removable Wallpaper.

    Main Characteristics Of Dark Color Wallpaper:

    • Creates an intimate and cozy feeling;
    • As dark colors absorb light, the walls can appear to feel closer and make the room feel smaller;
    • Perfect wallpaper color choice if looking to hide some defects on walls;
    • Darker color wallpaper can tend to dominate, therefore, it is best to combine it with a more neural color furniture and decor.

      Bright Colors

      Bold Floral Removable Wall Mural Guest Bedroom Design

      Bright color wallpaper can definitely make a statement and give that wow factor in the interior. It is a bold choice for the brave that can definitely be worth the risk and will bring more fun and color in the room. As bright colors draw attention, they are often used for accent walls. As seen in the example above, Candace has created a gorgeous guest bedroom with our colorful Bold Floral Removable Wall Mural used for the accent wall behind the bed to give the room an extraordinary and colorful atmosphere.

      Lavander Checkerboard Removable Wallpaper Bold Interior

      Bright, bold colors can bring different kinds of life and energy to the room. It can be a great option for active spaces such as home gyms, entertaining areas, childrens rooms, and in some cases even home offices if looking for that extra boost of energy and creativity. Poppy in the photo above is giving us a perfect example of bold and colorful interior design with our Lavender Checkerboard Design Removable Wallpaper. We love how fun and joyful the interior design has turned out.

      Main Characteristics Of Bright Color Wallpaper:

      • A bold choice that brings fun and joyful feeling with a dash of excitement;
      • Perfect for active areas such as gyms, entertainment areas, kids rooms, home office;
      • Have to be careful with other decors and furniture to create a tasteful interior design without making it too overwhelming.

      Neutral Colors

      Subtle Floral Wallpaper Nursery Design

      Neutral colors can bring a relaxing and restful feeling to the interior. These colors are often used in bedrooms, nurseries, bathrooms as they create a soft background for statement chic interior decor. Above we can see a beautiful nursery interior design by Brooke, where she has covered the walls with our Subtle Floral Removable Wallpaper giving the room a blooming and calming look.

      Floral neutral color nursery design

      As neutral colored wallpaper does provide a beautiful background in the interior, a great way to add an eye-catching detail and increase interest is to combine neutral colored wallpaper with brightly colored accents. Overall neutral colors can provide a restful, soothing and quiet atmosphere in the room and create a very calming environment for nursery design as seen above by Brooke with the Subtle Floral Removable Wallpaper. It is often a very used color if creating a boho interior style or modern farmhouse interior design.


      Main Characteristics Of Neutral Color Wallpaper:

      • Provides a neutral background for other interior elements;
      • Creates a calming and soothing atmosphere;
      • To bring more interest and an eye-catching detail, combine neutral colored wallpaper with a bright colored accent.

      Choosing the right color wallpaper can be a nerve racking and yet fun process. Another way to pick the right color is to choose it from the color palette of the rest of the interior decors or to follow your heart and style and go with what you would enjoy the most. We hope this blog post showing details of light, dark, bright and neutral colors will help to make the right decision and make your interior vision come to life.

      Livette's Wallpaper Blogger Ginta

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