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Wallpapers That Will Be An Amazing Fit For Japandi Style Interiors

neutral wallpaper designs for a modern japandi style interior design

If you're interested in interior design, there is a great chance you've heard the word "Japandi" pop up on your inspo page. But what hides beneath this interior design style? Minimalism, scandi vibes, natural elements, or maybe all of it? We're here to explore – in this blog post let's take a close-up look at Japandi, the main characteristics of this interior design trend, and find out how you can incorporate wallpaper in a modern Japandi-inspired interior.  


Japandi is a fusion of two seemingly different interior design styles – Japanese and Scandinavian. Both may seem far apart geographically and even as thought, but in reality, has a lot in common. Japanese and Scandinavian interior design styles work well together because both are rooted in minimalism and comfort. Clean lines, muted & neutral colors, a love of natural materials, and an appreciation of craftsmanship unite both design styles. In Japandi, Scandinavian functionality blends with Japanese minimalism creating beautiful, calm & Zen-like interiors.
japandi interior design color and texture inspiration mood board
Hues of earthy neutrals like beige, brown, and greens are dominant colors used in Japandi interiors because it's a style that honors the love of nature. Pairing neutrals with black as the primary accent color is a key that makes Japandi interiors look cozy, jet elegant & sophisticated.

Wood, bamboo, clay, hemp, and other organic materials are widely used in Japandi-style interiors because this interior design style focuses on sustainability in materials choices and furniture selection. In Japan and Scandinavia, there are traditions of craftsmanship and appreciation of things made by hand, and Japandi interiors reflect this philosophy. Choose sustainable, long-lasting pieces that are not for throwaway.

japandi interior design style explained main principles
Minimalism is a core element of Japanese and Scandinavian interiors. Japandi interiors focus on decluttering the space to achieve that Zen-like calm & harmony. And this comes hand-in-hand with the sustainability philosophy – don't stock up on decor pieces and furniture. Choose unique and quality decor objects, and keep them minimal & elegant. In the Japandi case – less is more!


Can you use wallpaper in a Japandi-style interior? We can't find a reason why not, so we've selected the most suitable wallpapers and wall mural designs from our collections, including the new Scandi & Japandi Wallpaper Collection.

Japandi interior design is all about subtle base colors and natural textures.  So as long as you stick to a light & subtle color scheme, you can find a fit from either abstract, geometric or botanical wallpapers – they'll all work great in a Japandi interior! 


subtle texture wallpaper for a modern japandi style interior design

Nature elements & materials are one of the biggest inspirations behind the Japandi style, and that’s why neutral, beige texture wallpaper inspired designs remind of nature fit organically in modern Japandi style interiors.

nature textures wallpaper for a modern japandi style interior design

Light Concrete Tile Design Pattern is abstract & subtle and will be the perfect backdrop for a Japandi-inspired interior. If you love the wood texture but want a modern twist on a theme, then our cream textured wallpaper design - Neutral Geometric Wooden Tile Design will be the right fit. And, of course, one of our favorites – Neutral Agate Print Wallpaper with its fluid pattern in an elegant neutrals color palette.


subtle botanical wallpaper for a modern japandi style interior design

 Botanical wallpapers fit Japandi interior design style because one of its concepts is a fluid blend between indoors and outdoors. Light & neutral colored botanical wallpapers bring a bit of outdoors inside and continue the Japandi adoration of nature.

neutral floral wallpaper for a modern japandi style interior design
 Neutral Foliage Print is the epitome of elegance classy wallpaper design in a Hazelnut color. The almost fluid movement of the pattern leaves reminds us of calm and would look beautiful on an accent wall in Japandi style interior. If you’re more into tropical pattern wallpapers, Neutral Tropical Design in light grey will be a match. But if you want a very subtle botanical wallpaper, Neutral Palm Leaf Wallpaper In Linen will do the job.


minimalist wallpaper for a modern japandi style interior design

 If you set your mind on wallpaper in a Japandi-style interior but want something very delicate and subtle, almost invisible, we have a few ideas in mind. Colored in light neutrals, even geometric wallpapers can fit right in.

minimal and simple wallpaper for a modern japandi style interior design

Linen Color Scandi Style Geometric and Neutral Minimal Design Wallpaper in Fog color are geometric wallpapers designs with a delicate pattern that looks especially elegant in light neutrals. We can definitely see them in the Japandi-style interior! Another great choice will be Watercolor Herringbone Wallpaper in light grey – a more abstract and subtle version of the classic herringbone pattern. 



modern wall murals for a  japandi style interior design

Japandi is often associated with spacious and airy interiors that are perfect for choice for a wall mural. With its subtle texture and earthy hues Pastel Ombre Wall Mural Inspired By Pampas Grass and Sage Green Ombre Wall Mural fit right into a Japandi-style interior. If you want to add a textured look to your wall, choose Dreamy Vintage Clouds Mural in light grey or Watercolor Ombre Wall Mural – they will look beautiful and not overpower the Japandi-inspired interior.

We hope this blog post helped you to understand Japandi and maybe even inspired you to create a Japandi-inspired interior yourself! If so, don’t forget to check out our new Scandinavian & Japandi Wallpaper Collection where not only you will find Japandi design wallpaper prints but also Scandi wallpaper designs in black and white! And for more cream texture and elegant wall paper inspo, visit our Elegant Neutrals Wallpaper collection to find your favorite!

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