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Wallpapering Ceilings And Why To Consider It

3 Easy steps for wallpapering ceilings
Covering ceilings with wallpaper and treating them as the fifth wall is a bold decor decision that is becoming a trend. It is an unexpected treatment to the ceilings that adds character and gives you something to look up to in your room. There is a lot of design potential hanging above our heads and people are more and more choosing to change dull and plain colored ceilings by adding a pop of color and detail to add excitement. To help you decide whether opting for wallpapering ceilings is for you, here are some of the reasons to consider this daring style.

Increases Rooms Size

Wallpapering ceilings dreamy blue bedrooms project

If looking for ways to expand your room size, wallpapering your ceilings, can be a great option to start with. Choosing lighter wallpaper design can create an illusion of ceilings being higher than they are, therefore making the room look larger. Samantha from @samanthabringsyouhome in this Dreamy Blue Master Bedroom project has done a beautiful job in making the room look wider by choosing a lighter color for the wallpaper on ceilings. Here she has made an amazing contrast between the beautiful blue color painted walls and the fifth wall above.

Adding Luxury

Wallpapering ceilings adding luxury

Using wallpaper on ceilings is a confident and bold choice for those who want to stand out. It can seem very fresh and unexpected, creating a feeling of luxury.  Wallpapering ceilings can be used as an accent or compliment the wallpaper on the walls. As Samantha has chosen to have her room walls in a blue color, picking this blue floral peel and stick wallpaper - Toile Pattern Removable Wallpaper design for the ceilings has added a beautiful eye catching detail, making the room look elegant with added personality and prestige. It is a great example of drawing eyes upwards by highlighting the ceilings and reaching the rooms full potential.

Enhances Warmth And Coziness

Wallpapering ceilings increasing warmth and coziness

Choosing warmer and darker color designs for your ceiling can create a cozier atmosphere as it can make an illusion of ceilings being slightly lower. Adding a pop of color above overall can enhance a warmer feeling. As seen in this charming bedroom project by Samantha above, continuing the color pattern on the ceiling, adding pop of color and detail, has given the room a cozier and homely atmosphere. As all of the walls are in a rich blue color, therefore, choosing lighter yet detailed wallpapers with blue flowers and eye-catching patterned wallpapers will create a charming contrast and will make the room even more welcoming.

Adds Wow Factor

Blue bedroom designs wow factor ceiling wallpaper
Choosing to treat the ceilings with wallpaper is becoming more popular, however, it is still seen as very unexpected. As it is not for everyone, this design technique can be a great way to bring style and dazzle your guests, making it a look to remember. If your room walls are painted, wallpapering ceilings can make notable changes and uplift the atmosphere by giving it a tasteful design style and encouraging people to look up and around when entering the room. It is a perfect way to introduce detail and pattern if the walls are already taken - especially with such a beautifully colored and patterned wall paper blue aesthetic.

We hope these reasons to consider wallpapering ceilings will inspire you in your next room design projects. To learn more about traditional wallpaper installation, visit our Learn & How To page on our website.

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