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Top Picks - Accessories for kitchen

Kitchen is the one room in your home you can decorate without having to buy decorative elements with no other purpose than just being pretty. Our countertops are filled with all kinds of utensils and appliances we use on everyday bases and that would be inconvenient to hide in drawers or cupboards. And why should you? Why not use them as design details?

light blue kitchen essentials

Our first pick is 50’s inspired toaster, kettle and a mixer from Italian design grand Smeg. These retro looking utensils will be an eye catching accent, but they are subtle enough not to be too much in your face and still do their job. Classics that never go out of style.

spoon rest marine blue hexagon

Spoon rests is in our opinion one of the most handy things everyone should have in their kitchen. We’ve found two examples for you. One has a slightly antique look to it, thanks to the brushed edges and the natural shape. The other one is more edgy option. Literally. It’s a hexagon shaped stoneware piece. And with the appealing features, they don’t loose their practicality. 

linen kitchen towels in pastel colors

One of the easiest accessories for your kitchen, that can be changed every day depending on your mood and without breaking the bank is dish towels. Best way to go is natural materials and pretty designs. First option we have picked is plain, but at the same time appealing look attained using linen as the material, simple patterns and elegant, greyish color palette. The other choice is also linen, a little more detailed, something eye catching, with fun design inspired by a little bit of history. 

design salt and pepper grinders

Next countertop staple - salt and pepper mills. Seems like the most basic thing there, but let’s see how it can be an accent. We offer two variations, both statement pieces, each in its own way. First is a mix of oak wood and ceramic, a mix of natural materials and interesting design, a mix of high quality and romantic feel. The second option is more sophisticated design, a bottle shape, that suggests a liquid content, a little mind game well played by the designer. Its practical advantage - mill located on top of the grinder, that excludes any spillage of the spices while the grinder is not being used. 

geometric light grey removable wallpaper


We can’t resist to offer something of our own. For all our selected items to be an accent, we had to do kitchen wallpaper for walls. We have chosen two designs of the peel and stick wallpaper kitchen designs with geometric look, both white background with a customized light grey pattern for the pale blue, we used for the accent color, to stand out. The best kitchen wallpaper can be found on our website at the Kitchen Collection section!

And the last top pick you should consider is our newest addition to our website - our Kitchen Backsplash collection, filled with so many gorgeous designs - from Modern Backsplash designs in black and white; unexpected Floral Backsplash designs to classic Tiles Backsplash designs. Make sure to browse through!

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