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Peachy Bathroom Remodel Featuring Honeycomb Wallpaper

Something sweet and peachy for this cold and wintery day! We are completely obsessed over this fresh bathroom remodel done by Mary. We think that she has done an amazing job freshening up this space. Keep reading this blog post to see more lovely pictures from this project and learn more about the wallpaper Mary used for this bathroom remodel!

Minimal design bathroom interior with geometric wallpaper tile feature wall behind vanity
The wallpaper used for this project is our Honeycomb Pattern Removable wallpaper from Mid-Century Modern collection. Mary has created very sophisticated but at the same time really fun interior design featuring Black & White Honeycomb wallpaper. With the colourful orange and pink accents this bathroom is giving us all the fresh vibes. And of course, you can’t forget the greenery! Incorporating nature in your interior design makes the place really come together.
Colorful bathroom interior ideas with peachy shower curtain and floor mat and geometric honeycomb tile removable wallpaper accent wall
To finish this bathroom project there was only 5 wallpaper panels required. Mary used self adhesive wallpaper material for this project. Our self adhesive wallpaper is fabric based material that is installed gradually peeling off the backing paper while applying the wallpaper. No mess - no stress!

A very modern and chic interior element that Mary have included in her bathroom remodel is these lights from Mitzi Lighting. We think that they suite this bathroom so good and gives such a great overall look. “It was super easy to install and the colour up against that wallpaper is everything” says Mary!

If you are searching for waterproof peel and stick bathroom wallpaper or just planning modern powder room remodel and are looking for some bathroom wallpaper ideas visit our Bathroom Wallpaper Collection for more fun and bold bathroom wallpaper designs.

Modern design bathroom remodel with eclectic home decor

Don’t let these hard times in the world right now lower your creativity and ways to express yourself. Great ideas come from those who are not afraid to add pops of colours, fun wallpapers and nature to their interior projects! Make sure to visit our website for some more inspiration and leave a comment down below if you have a goal to refresh you home space this year!


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