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Elegant and modern neutral interiors inspiration

It seems that neutral interiors never go out of style and have become almost a timeless classic. There is a saying that "beauty lies in simplicity" and we believe that neutral interiors are a great example that illustrates these words. A neutral color scheme allows you to create beautiful spaces that evoke a sense of calm and tranquility. But don't be misled – neutrals are not bland – they are the perfect canvas to bring character through textures and shapes. The neutral color palette is versatile enough to be used with different interior styles – from bohemian to coastal or the minimalistic Japandi style.
We've put together three neutral interiors inspiration mood boards with nude colored elegant classy wallpaper designs from our new Elegant Neutrals Wallpaper Collection to celebrate this simple and beautiful color scheme.


1.GIRL'S BEDROOMMinimal and elegant neutral girl's bedroom interior

Featuring our beige floral wallpaper design - Vintage Floral Removable Wallpaper, this delicate girl’s light brown accent wall bedroom is an example of monochrome neutrals interior. Neutral interiors will grow together with your children and won’t seem too childish even when they have grown out of toddler age. Touch and texture expose children to the world around them, and it is important to use natural materials like wood, wool, and linen in the interior. The use of natural materials gives the room a warm and cozy feeling. Vintage Floral Removable Wallpaper in light brown and off-white adds that classic and elegant feeling to the space. Gender neutral nursery and kid's rooms are still one of the top nursery styles for kids rooms - make sure to visit our Neutral Kids Wallpaper collection for that inspiration. The vintage theme continues through the furniture with Odetta five-drawer dresser and Wembley Kids Antique Brass Bed. Its sleek vertical lines and subtle curved corners will feel like a hug. Gilded in a golden finish and set on delicate tapered legs for airy appeal, this luxe modernization of the classic iron bed is a cinch to design. Rounded shapes and volumes without sharp corners are a perfect and safe choice for a kid’s room, like the luxurious Compass rocker. With its plush yet supportive cushions, upholstered in cozy and elegant white boucle fabric, it will be a chic textural accent to your kid’s room. Ivory color wall flowers will add a touch of glamorous charm to the wall. Rattan storage foot stool, circular woven jute and the cotton rug will be practical and beautiful additions to this vintage & nature-themed minimal girl’s bedroom interior. 

Shop the look:
1. Vintage Floral Removable Wallpaper | Livette's Wallpaper
2. Rattan Ceiling Light | Crate&kids
3. Capiz Wall Flowers | Anthropologie
4. Odetta Five-Drawer Dresser |  Anthropologie
5. Wembley Kids Antique Brass Bed Crate&kids
6. Adairs Baby Arden Rattan Natural Storage Foot Stool Adairs
7. Waffled Cotton Throw | H&M Home
8. Jumper The Bunny figurine | Finnish Design Shop
9. Circular Woven Jute and Cotton Rug | Zara Home
10. Compass Rocker in Boucle | Nursery Works




Stone Terrazzo Modern Neutral Dining Room Interior

This dining room interior with the trending black and cream peel and stick wallpaper - Stone Terrazzo Removable Wallpaper shows a bolder take on neutral interiors. This dining room interior embraces the use of natural and long-lasting materials such as stone, wood, clay, and leather. Central piece of the interior is a Lemieux et Cie Double Pedestal Dining Table. This mixed wood dining table is a luxe and contemporary take on a traditional double pedestal table. Its solid structure and shape imitate the strength and stability of stone which is the main theme of this interior. Placed over the dining room table is a basket-woven spherical pendant from rattan. This pendant introduces a touch of natural texture and ads light to the theme. Fully upholstered in top-grain leather, sculptural Leather Hagen Dining Chairs bring character and charm to the room. A dark, hand-knotted jute fiber rug covers the floor and imitates earth and soil underneath your feet. U-shaped terracotta vase, black, rustic ceramic vase, and beige porcelain tableware with antique finish rim, are a perfect match to this nature-inspired neutral interior, featuring neutral textured wallpaper. If you want to see more dining room ideas with wallpaper, we would recommend looking into our Dining Room Wall Mural collection to find you dream dining room wall mural. 

Shop the look:
1. Stone Terrazzo Removable Wallpaper  Livette's Wallpaper
2. Montez Rattan Pendant |  Anthropologie
3. Lemieux et Cie Volcanic Vase |  Anthropologie
4. Turner U-Shaped Vase | Anthropologie
5. Porcelain Tableware with Antique Finish Rim |  Zara Home
6. Lemieux et Cie Double Pedestal Dining Table |  Anthropologie
7. Leather Hagen Dining Chair |  Anthropologie
8. Hand-Knotted Bjorn Jute Rug |  Anthropologie



Geometric Wooden Tiles Neutral Powder Room Interior


Featuring our tan peel and stick wallpaper design - Geometric Wooden Tile Design Removable Wallpaper, this neutrals mood board inspiration is sculptural interiors. Unique, flowing shapes and minimal and timeless patterns are keywords for this elegant powder room design. As well as both previous mood boards, this interior also embraces the use of mixed materials. Montague Single Bathroom Vanity fuses natural materials into a streamlined silhouette. This vanity is the epitome of contemporary bathroom luxury. The coarse, straight grain of its oak and poplar veneer is modernized with stout steel hardware and a polished black marble top, while two drawers and roomy open storage accommodate your toiletries and bath linens with ease. The white abstract-shaped lamp is a beautiful addition to the theme of the sculptural interiors. Warm mocha color rug from a mix of wool and silky rayon threads, with its soft white lines, create an abstract crocodile pattern and is a perfect match to abstract tan grasscloth wallpaper - Geometric Wooden Tile Design Removable Wallpaper. Black Curvature Toilet Paper Holder is a fun yet functional addition to the powder room. Foam/cloud mirror adds whimsy & DIY touch to the space. The scent - much like the design - of your home leaves a lasting impression on visitors. This Tom Dixon 'Underground' diffuser will fill your space with earthy Rhizome root and citrusy Lemon notes, complemented by touches of woody Haitian cardamom and spicy Ginger.


Shop the look:
1. Geometric Wooden Tile Design Removable Wallpaper | Livette's Wallpaper
2. White Ceiling Lamp | R & Company
3. Curvature Toilet Paper Holder | Ferm Living
4. Tom Dixon  Reed diffuser - UndergroundNET-A-PORTER
5. DIY Foam Mirror
6. Montague Single Bathroom Vanity  Anthropologie
7. White Linen Towel |  H&M Home
8. Hogan. Handknotted Mocha Viscode Rug | CB2
9. Love Handles Vase | Anissa Kermiche


We hope that we inspired you for your upcoming neutral interior projects! But if you need more inspiration – check out our previous blog post about the behind-the-scenes of Elegant Neutrals Wallpaper Collection! If you would like to see more neutral and elegant wallpapers, head over to our Neutral Wallpaper collection. Let us know which classy wallpapers mood board was your favorite in the comment below – we would love to hear from you! 

Betty Graphic Designer at Livette's Wallpaper Graphic Designer


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