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Kids' Room Interior Inspiration For Every Taste

Kids room inspiration for different interior styles
Kids' rooms are a fabulous way to get creative and let your imagination flow, what's more, it's a great advantage to involve your kid in the design process and have fun doing it together!
In this blog post we have gathered a few different kids' room decorating ideas for every taste and style, together with our lovely clients' projects, where they have chosen our wallpaper designs to create an oasis for the little ones. Browse through our selection of 5 Interior Design Styles and find your favorite!

Bohemian Chic 

Bohemian style girls nursery with botanical wallpaper

Bohemian inspired kids room interior with rattan elements

This particular interior style is without a doubt one of the trendiest interior design types and many of us tend to choose it for styling kids' bedrooms or nurseries, as it feels very light, open and full of visual interest without being too overwhelming. There are no particular rules to follow when choosing this aesthetic, however, we wanted to highlight a few things that can help follow the theme and create a bohemian feel to a space. 

For instance, a botanical element, such as our Pink Fern Design Removable Wallpaper in custom color Clay from our own color palette, gives an instant boho chic feel and is the perfect backdrop for multicultural design elements. The lovely Anh from @anhddao__ is the master behind this beautiful nursery project and has chosen very cohesive decorating pieces, like the natural wooden bed, plush blanket, a rattan inspired lamp shade and greenery to tie it all together. This is a great example of how a space for a tiny girl can be equally whimsical as it is sophisticated.  

If this style is something that interests you most definitely visit our Butterfly & Birds Wallpaper Collection for that bohemian and whimsical look.

Eclectic & Colorful

Bright and colorful teen bedroom with neutral wallpaper

bright and modern girls bedroom desk area

If you wish to design a bright and cheerful space for your little one, we believe that this project done by the talented girls from @jandjdesigngroup is the perfect example on how to achieve a dreamy space for them. The best way to describe this particular style is by playing with prints and mixing colors. Multiple patterns, colors and textures overlap in this room, while a neutral backdrop keeps the space looking cohesive. 

For this teen girls' room project, the designer wanted to opt for this lively teenage room wallpaper - our  Navy Dalmatian Print Removable Wallpaper from our Eclectic Kids' Room Wallpaper Collection. A pattern so daring but at the same time the perfect backdrop for letting your imagination flow, as it is in a neutral color combination which helps when adding pops of color. And to top it all off, this fun and bright space has everything a teen girl could want: chic storage, eclectic accessories, a fun, coral colored bed and lots of beautiful art posters.

If you love eclectic style and colorful interiors, then we would definitely recommend looking through our wall decor teenage room designs - Junior & Teen Room Wallpaper collection for more amazing and fun teens room wallpaper designs.


beach inspired boys bedroom interior

coastal style kids bedroom interior with beach motif

This interior design style is the way to go if your little one loves everything blue, boat and ocean themed or you like to keep things in your home coordinated. Coastal style is a timeless look that can be easily adapted to your own taste and preferences. The inspiration is drawn from the beach - sand, sea and sky, which immediately brings a sense of peace and quiet to a space with its' soft color combinations and clean aesthetic.

For her little boys' room, Anna from @purelychichome chose a more sophisticated approach by introducing our Blue Watercolor Spots Removable Wallpaper as an accent wall with the help of our cute wallpapers for 11 year olds, which adds the perfect coastal vibe with its subtle, ocean inspired hues. The styling of the room is mature enough that it could easily be adapted to a grown up's bedroom as well, which is a great advantage considering how fast kids grow up. We love the idea of mixing light blue with bright white, adding nautical and natural elements, such as rattan and wood to create a light and breezy space for the little one to grow out of. 

Mid-century Modern

neutral kids bedroom interior with wallpaper

kids bedroom gallery wall with wood dresser

A not so typical style to go for when creating a bedroom or a nursery for the little ones, as Mid-century Modern interior style seems very mature, minimalistic and mostly chosen for other spaces in homes. However, we wanted to showcase how to create this Mid-century Modern inspired, neutral and modern boys' room interior, done by the spectacular Melissa from @winterdaisykids. The modernist aesthetic is defined by clean lines with a mix of both organic and geometric shapes, neutrals and a less is more approach. While it seems a very distinct interior design style, its' modern and minimalistic characteristics are a great base for decorating a kids' bedroom. 

For this project, Melissa chose our Neutral Color Tiny Brush Pattern Removable Wallpaper in the Self Adhesive material, which is a friendly choice for rental homes. The choice of furniture is a key element to set the style tone, which Melissa did perfectly by adding this structural wooden bed and a simple matching dresser for the space. Lastly, we cannot forget about adding warmth and a bit of color to the room - this area rug adds just that, and styled with a few colorful books and design elements creates the most darling boys' room. For more information on this project - you are welcome to visit our blog post - Modern Boy's Room Interior Inspo!

Traditional Farmhouse

farmhouse inspired little girls bedroom interior with canopy bed

vintage girls bedroom with traditional wallpaper

For those who wish to create a warm and serene space for the kids', we would definitely recommend embracing the farmhouse look. This particular style girl bedroom is generally designed to be cozy yet bursting with personality. From delicate canopy beds to unique, traditional wallpaper and furniture elements, there are numerous ways to make a space feel tailor made. 

For little girls, soft textures and uplifting colors, like the pink accents of the space, will turn any bedroom into a dreamy escape. And paired together with a nostalgic print - our Toile Pattern Removable Wallpaper in custom color Olive keeps things simple and organic. Every little detail, like the brass light fixtures, horse wall art and rustic wood dresser, added by the amazing Brittany from @turnerbrit, brings everything together, creating a whimsical and soft feel to the room.


Designing a safe space for our loved ones can feel like an important job, especially for our little ones as we want to create a space that reflects their personalities, looks great design wise but is also very comfortable and has enough space to play. We hope that these 5 kids' rooms helped you get inspired for an upcoming project and do not hesitate to look into our Kid's wallpaper section to find wallpapers for 12 year olds or any other age kid!

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