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Interior Trend Predictions Of The Year

Interior design and wallpaper trend predictions for 2022

What a year 2022 has been! This year has been full of glorious moments and luxurious interiors all around the world, but the one thing that makes the interior stand out is a bold wallpaper design. In this blog post we will list most popular and outstanding interior trends of 2022 that we believe will be huge in 2022 as well. Keep reading this blog post to learn more about the dominant styles of this year.


1. Wallpapered ceilings

Wallpapered ceiling interior design featuring floral removable wallpaper  DIY bedroom remodel featuring faux gold removable wallpaper design

Wallpapered ceilings has been one of the top trends this year. It’s such a creative way to incorporate some fun into the room while not bringing it to the attention at first, however once you see it you never go back. Ceilings, as well as the walls, need some love and the best and easiest way to transform the space is by using some wallpaper. These lovely ceiling projects are done by Bonnie from @theryanhaus_  and Ashley from @brunoandlibby. Both of these bedroom interiors are so unique in their own way, however the beauty that makes them similar is the wallpapered ceilings which also makes the room seem much bigger and more spacious. For her bedroom project Bonnie used our Delicate Floral Wallpaper Design which gives the room this feminine touch. Ashley, for her project, used our Faux Gold Chevron Print Design which gives the bedroom this minimalistic geometric accent while holding onto this bohemian bedroom style. Wallpapered ceilings gives the room an extra dimension that catches your eye in a different angle. We personally think that we will see more of this trend in the following years. If you are loving this design as much as we do, we definitely recommend checking out our Herringbone & Chevron Wallpaper Collection for more designs like this one for your own interior projects.


2. Wallpapered closets

Giraffe pattern removable wallpaper for home interiors
Custom removable wallpaper design for baby nursery interiors

A little surprise behind the doors? Wallpaper is the right answer! Wallpapered closets, nooks or pantries are a great way how to make a quite boring space really stand out with colors and accent. These fun closet project are done by Fena from @ourhighlandshome and Aubrey from @helloimaubs. Fena’s project is fun giraffe themed closet space where dark wood meets fun and colorful wallpaper design. The wallpaper used for this project is our Giraffe Pattern Wallpaper Design and paired with some dark brown and black accents as well as some greenery, works perfectly together. On the other hand, Aubrey has created this neutral nursery space featuring our Minimal Forest Wallpaper Design which completely transforms the space. Aubrey customised this wallpaper in Hazelnut and Off White colors which makes this project even more special. You can have so much fun while remodelling the spaces in your home. There are two materials to choose from as well as we offer color customisation for nearly every wallpaper design in our collection.


3. Two patterns in one room

Ocean themed girls room DIY featuring removable wallpaper designs
Giraffe themed kids playroom DIY
Closet DIY with removable wallpaper

This particular trend is a quite brave choice to make when planning and doing an interior. Two completely different patterns in one interior makes the overall look so spectacular. When two patterns clash it often can look awkward and doesn’t give the room a cohesive look, however these two lovely ladies have proved everybody wrong. Laney from @hellomorellos and Caitlin from @caitinthecommons used two wallpaper designs in one room creating this fun space for their kids to play and live in while doing it so stylishly and in a modern way. For her girl’s room project Laney used our Waves Pattern Wallpaper Design and Blue Whale Pattern Ocean Theme Wallpaper Design  creating this girly ocean explorer themed bedroom. Both of these patterns are installed side by side and the combo works so good. Caitlin for her project used our Giraffe Pattern Wallpaper Design as well as our Modern Herringbone Pattern creating safe space to play all day long. Caitlin has incorporated two of the top trends in her interior: two patterns in one room and wallpapered closet space. We truly believe that brave choices makes the best final results!


4. Faux foliage on the walls

Wildflower foliage removable wallpaper design in girls bedroom interior
Faux foliage DIY bedroom remodel

This year has definitely challenged all of us to be more creative and make some difficult choices at the same time. As pandemic has approached and affected the majority of us we have learned to enjoy our time more and more outside in nature. Some of us have even managed to bring the outside inside and some of us have been installing the nature on the walls as well. These amazing faux foliage projects are done by Holly from @thevandorpfamily and Caitlin from @caitlinmariedesign. Holly used our Wildflower Foliage Design for her lovely baby girl’s room, however Caitlin used our Botanical Foliage Wallpaper which originally was in Grey and White colors, however Caitlin customised her wallpaper in colors White and Mist. Both of these projects represent the calmness and positive mindset that all of us need to incorporate in our own lives, especially at the times like these - to learn how to see the good in every situation that life gives us, and why not throw in some beautiful wallpaper design on the way?


5. Abstract wallpaper patterns

Abstract removable wallpaper design interior project
Pink girls room featuring abstract removable wallpaper design

Abstract patterns and home decors can change the interior so quickly. This year we have seen some unique interior projects featuring some of our abstract pattern wallpaper designs. One of the most popular abstract design this year has been our Neutral Paintbrush Maze Wallpaper Design in color Hazelnut, however this design also often has been customised in various of colors for many interiors. Lovely Miquelle from @houseof.kai incorporated this abstract maze wallpaper in her dinning room interior and it seriously looks so good! The neutral colors combined with wood accents brings the whole room to life. Opposite from Miquelle's Hazelnut paintbrush maze, Adrianne from @little_adi_co used our vibrant Pink Paintbrush Maze Wallpaper Design in custom colors Millenial and Off White for her baby girl's nursery interior. All of the pink tones in this interior makes the room look so cozy and fun while keeping everything in its place. Abstract designs definitely will continue to be on the top of the interior trend list for the future as well!

This year has truly been an adventure with various of beautiful interior designs and styles. We love to see our clients get creative while using our wallpaper designs in their interiors. Together we create spectacular homes and new interior trends which we treasure dearly. We wish you all the greatest and happiest New Year with lots of love and fancy interiors!

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