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Tips On Mixing and Matching Wallpaper Designs

In our Interior Trend Predictions Of 2022 blog post, we wrote about trends that will shine in 2022 – this blog post will explore one of them – the mixed wallpaper trend. Using wallpaper in interior design opens up more opportunities to achieve a look that paint cannot – it gives rooms in your home more character. Mixed wallpaper instantly creates more interest – it is a fun way to create eye-catching spaces, and there’s definitely no right way to do it. Even though – there are no rules set in stone – mixing and matching patterns can be challenging. In this blog post, we want to share a few tips on how to mix & match wallpaper patterns to create modern & contemporary interiors!


Color Scheme Tips On How To Mix Wallpaper Pattern

Our first tip for success is – to match your colors & choose a united color palette. When you have a particular color scheme you try to stick with, it is less likely that your patterns will clash. Pick a primary color that will tie the wallpaper patterns together, and use different hues or tones of the dominant color to add interest to your space, giving it a more layered look.

Neutrals will be a safe choice because they match so well! We picked the Elegant Bold Leopard Design Removable Wallpaper combined with the Ochre Speckle Removable Wallpaper for a Safari inspired kid's room interior.

But you don't have to use only monochromatic hues. Even colors that don't match perfectly work if you stick to the same general color families – warm, cool, or neutral colors. Blue together with yellow creates a complementary color combo, just like our Baby Blue Lemons Removable Wallpaper paired with the Tiny Brush Pattern Removable Wallpaper In Blue for the Mediterranean inspired interior.

If choosing a color scheme seems too confusing, remember that black & white wallpaper patterns go well with all colors. Our Scandinavian Wallpaper Collection has a wide range of modern black & white wallpaper designs that can easily mix with bolder designs like the Bright Yellow Moroccan Removable Wallpaper.

There are endless color combinations to choose from – we advise you to go with a color scheme that matches with other decorations in your interior design.


Tips On How To Mix Wallpaper Pattern

Different pattern scales or sizes work together! When mixing and matching wallpaper patterns, use a variety of scales. Mix tiny and busy patterns with oversized geometric or abstract designs – Coastal Terrazzo Design Removable Wallpaper will pair beautiful with Large Palm Leaf Wallpaper In Mist Color. Another fun way is to play with the same motif but use it on different scales – like Black & White Pattern Removable Wallpaper combined with Eclectic Paint Dot Removable Wallpaper. And don’t forget about the character of the pattern design itself (floral, geometric, classic, etc.). When mixing & matching wallpapers, different types of patterns are preferred and will allow you to play with the sizes – they will balance one another in both scale and character.


How To Mix Wallpaper Patterns Choose a Theme

Our last tip is to stick to a theme or style! Even if deciding on a color scheme or playing with pattern scales seems too challenging, as long as you stick to a theme colors and patterns can still blend. Choose a theme and try to find wallpaper patterns that match it, for example – an ocean-inspired room. Laney from @hellomorellos used two wallpaper designs in one room creating this fun space for their kids to play and live in while doing it so stylishly and in a modern way. For her girl’s room project Laney used our Waves Pattern Wallpaper Design and Blue Whale Pattern Ocean Theme Wallpaper Design creating this girly ocean explorer themed bedroom. Both of these patterns are installed side by side and the combo works so good.

Ocean themed girls bedroom interior

When you decide on a theme, corresponding colors will also come to mind – green for tropical interior, blues & neutrals for coastal style interiors. And "voilà" – now you'll have both – a theme and a color scheme for your interior project! Even if you find a design that suits your idea, but it's not in the colors you decided on at Livettes's Wallpaper, most of our designs can be color customized to match your vision.

Combining wallpaper patterns has endless possibilities – be creative and remember that there are no rules when creating space for yourself! Be bold and have fun! Don't forget our guidelines above – use patterns with coordinating colors, keep in mind the scale and character of different patterns, stick to a theme – and you won't go wrong! We hope that you'll find these tips on how to mix wallpaper patterns useful!

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