Design Destination: Haymarket in Stockholm

What if you could visit a place where a famous movie star had worked before she became famous? What if the interior of this place resembled the roaring 1920s and you could imagine yourself in that time? Well, you are in luck, because this next design destination is a former PUB department store, where the Swedish/American actress Greta Garbo spent her days designing hats before becoming a famous movie star. Nowadays, a hotel with a splendid bar & cafe - an interior design worth traveling all the way to Stockholm, Sweden. Feeling hooked yet?

Cafe Greta in Haymarket Hotel Stockholm

Though any room in the hotel is worth seeing, we found Gretas - the playful cafe and Americain - the mysterious cocktail bar to be the go to when searching for some twenties glam vibe.

Gretas Cafe at Haymarket hotel Stockholm

Some of the original style features like the floor patterns or curved stairs have been left unchanged. Though an interpretation of Art Deco style has been combined with a touch of modern creating a unique and thoroughly thought out hotel bar & cafe space with vibrant colors, metallic accents, velvety furniture and even some Carribean style features.

Bar Americain at Haymarket Hotel Stockholm

Bar Americain at Haymarket Hotel Stockholm

A playful, yet classy space, rich in color and smart in details might be the thing we call trend this year. We may also be witnessing an upgrade to the next level from the light and minimalism inspired design we traditionally consider Scandinavian.
If you are in Stockholm, at the start of February (5th to 11th more specifically), be sure to check the newest trends in design yourselves, by visiting the Stockholm Design Week which is an annual design bash happening over the course of one week in venues all around the city! Read more about it here: Stockholm Design Week. And if you are in search of a place to stay - why not book a room in Haymarket Stockholm?
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