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Color Of The Year 2023

2023 interior colors of the year

New 2023 Year is here and what is the best way to start something new - with new trends. In this blog post we will talk about the colors of this new year. What is the Color of the Year 2023 from Benjamin Moore, Sherwin Williams and Pantone? How these colors can reflect in your home and what are the best ways to incorporate these colors in your own home interior. Keep reading this blog post to learn more and get exclusive tips for you home from Livette's Wallpaper designer.

Color trends are always changing, and this year is no different. Color is a powerful tool that can be used to help us think differently about our future and the world around us. It's also a great way how to bring people together around something they care deeply about - like their home. The Color of the Year is a global celebration of color. The color chosen for the year exemplifies a mood and emotion that speaks to our current cultural landscape. The Color of the Year is not just a trend, it is a reflection of what we are thinking, feeling and experiencing at a given moment in time.

raspberry blush benjamin moore's 2023 color of the year

The Benjamin Moore Color of the Year 2023 is Raspberry Blush, an unapologetically brazen yet warm hue. It's a bold, vibrant and expressive color that inspires a sense of playfulness and fun. The tone is inspired by the raspberry fruit. Raspberry Blush is a raspberry-hued red-orange that's so vibrant it almost glows - but not quite.

This color speaks to confidence and personality - two qualities that we are craving in our homes right now. Raspberry Blush is a true statement color that will make your walls pop! This color can stand out in every room of your home as a focal point or blended seamlessly in the background, depending how you use it. Nonetheless it always makes a statement when incorporated in your home interior.

livette's designer tips 2023 color raspberry blush

"Raspberry Blush 2088-30 strikes the right chord, setting the stage for Color Trends 2023." Andrea Magno, marketing and development director at Benjamin Moore, says "People are ready to bring color back into the home, taking a step outside their color comfort zone."

redend point sherwin williams 2023 color of the year

Introducing Redend Point SW 9081, the Sherwin-Williams 2023 Color of the Year. In this soft and soulful neutral, we know what is to feel cared for, to appreciate what we have, to create deeper connections as we move through the world. Redend Point is a soft and meaningful neutral that has slightly cooler undertone. It's a rich shade of grayed red, with hints of peach and pink that are reminiscent of an afternoon spent with friends on the beach.

livette's designer tips 2023 color redend point

“It’s if beige could blush." This is how Sue Wadden, the color marketing director at Sherwin-Williams, describes Redend Point. “It’s a pink-undertone neutral that is warm and earthy, and it has a certain softness and soothing quality to it that is really unique.”

Redend Point is ideal for today's modern spaces with all its energy and calmness all at once. This color will be perfect when creating a focal point in your home or as an accent to energize the apace.

viva magenta pantone's 2023 color of the year

Pantone has announced that the Color of the Year 2023 is Viva Magenta 18-1750. This color is a dynamic and high-impact shade that maintain itself when paired with the right colors. Viva Magenta has an electric energy that makes it an ideal choice for space were you want to create and uplifting ambiance. Think of incorporating this color into your own space if you want to energize both, people and spaces.

livette's designer tips 2023 color viva magenta

This shade is an expensive, positive and optimistic purple-red that encourages us to live more vibrantly and fully express our passion for things that matter to us. Viva Magenta comes from a bright red-orange hue called shades of fuchsia, which is created by mixing shades of purple together with reds and oranges. It is a shade rooted in nature and it also makes us think about our magical nature with the amazingly beautiful spectrum of color palettes.

"Pantone 18-1750 Viva Magenta galvanizes our spirit, helping us to build our inner strength" says Leatrice Eiseman, executive director at Pantone Color Institute.

Raspberry Blush, Redend Point and Viva Magenta has been announced as the leading colors of the Year 2023. We personally think that all of these colors can be used and even combined in your own home interiors either as accent wall or a small focal point. What do you think? Which one of these colors of the Year 2023 would you dare to try?

   Betty Livette's Wallpaper Graphic Designer


Image Source:  Benjamin Moore   |   Sherwin Williams   |   PANTONE


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