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5 Nursery Design Trends Of The Year

5 Nursery Design Trends Of 2023
When it comes to designing your baby's nursery, it might take a while to decide on the theme and design you want your baby to spend the most time of the day in. And having so many directions and options to choose from might not make it easier. However, 2023 has come with some beautiful nursery design trends to consider using in your nursery project. Read further to get to know 5 nursery designs trends of 2023 for a modern nursery interior to inspire from and help you get started.

Nature Theme

Vintage botanical nature theme nursery design

Going for a green color in your nursery design will give an earthy nature atmosphere. To give a more playful feel to the nursery, choose nature themed wallpaper. Chloe in the photo above has brought nature into the room by using the Vintage Botanical Removable Wall Mural in her nursery design. Painting the ceiling in a rich green color brings the nature theme even further and gives that stunning style, bringing the joyful outdoors feeling inside the nursery.

Wallpaper On The Fifth Wall

Dreamy floral nursery ceiling design

Wallpapering ceilings has become a trend over the past months already and is said to be one of the tendencies in design this year. Nursery might be the greatest choice when it comes to wallpapering ceilings. As your baby sleeps, the beautiful designs on the ceilings will make it more interesting for them and let their imagination fly. The Dreamy Flowers Removable Wallpaper in the photo above has added more joy to the room and a touch of originality.

Using Leftover Wallpaper

Modern herringbone nursery closet design

As sustainability has become a good tendency, people are finding ways to use leftover material such as wallpaper somewhere else. Using leftover wallpaper has become a great trend in nursery design this year as well. One creative way to use your leftover wallpaper is to line your nursery's closet. Caitlin has done a beautiful job by adding some pop of color and making her nursery's closet one of a kind with this Modern Herringbone Pattern Removable Wallpaper. Ans if you are loving the Herringbone wallpaper in this amazing kids closet interior, make sure to visit our Herringbone & Chevron wallpaper collection for more designs like this one.

Boho Neutral Colors

Beige brush stroke print boho neutral nursery design

Neutral colors in nursery design can work great for both genders. And a boho theme can definitely give a warm and cozy atmosphere in the room. If planning to create a boho gender neutral nursery design, consider adding some pop of color in accessories and smaller details in the room to make it more fun. Amy has created a beautiful nursery in neutral colors with Beige Brush Stroke Print Removable Wallpaper and a hint of boho theme in details as seen in the photo above.

Timeless Florals

Timeless florals nursery design subtle floral wallpaper

Make your baby's nursery bloom with a floral theme in the design. Floral patterns are becoming a trend in 2023 and choosing them for your nursery is definitely a great option. Timeless florals not only give a warm and homely feeling to the room but as well is a theme that can grow older with your baby. As seen in the photo above, Brooke has chosen the Subtle Floral Removable Wallpaper for her nursery, creating a lovely and calming aura.

Designing our baby's nursery can feel like an important job as we want to make it both fun and calming and pay attention to the design as well, to make it pleasant to the eye. We hope these 5 nursery design trends of 2023 will inspire you and help you with your modern nursery interior.

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