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5 DIY peel & Stick Wallpaper Ideas for Kids Room

Lately, we have been collecting quick and easy DIY kid's room improvement ideas with peel and stick wallpaper. This seems to be the best time to share them with you. Given the current situation, when we all should stay home, self-adhesive wallpaper is the best choice for home decor projects. All you need is a pair of scissors or paper-knife and a clean surface. In this blog post, we want to share with you popular 5 DIY kid's room improvement ideas. Read more about them below.
DIY cozy kids room reading nook styling with peel and stick wallpaper

DIY kid's room peel & stick wallpaper idea no.1 - Style cozy reading nook

Create a cozy reading nook for your toddler. Look for a wallpaper pattern that would fit well with the rest of the interior and add it to your reading corner wall. An adorable example is our client's reading nook above with our Grey Wildflower wallpaper from Minimal Boho kids room wallpaper collection. It makes it so much dreamier!

Easy DIY kids playroom decor ideas with self adhesive wallpaper

DIY kid's room peel & stick wallpaper idea No.2 - Decorate kid’s playroom

As we all know, kids can quickly get bored with the toys they have. Here is a trick on how to freshen things up - use peel and stick wallpaper. Add fun and colorful patterns to your kids' playroom and toys to reset their imagination. Just look at the play kitchen makeover done by @ciarachanelself with our Black modern herringbone wallpaper from Minimalist Kid's room wallpaper collection. A truly stylish backsplash for the little chef. If you are looking for more minimalistic wallpaper designs like this one for your interior projects, most definitely visit our Scandi & Japandi wallpaper collection.

Simple kids room closet makeover with removable wallpaper

DIY kid's room peel & stick wallpaper idea No.3 - Simple closet makeover

Brighten up your kids' room closet with colors and patterns by adding self-adhesive wallpaper to the back of the closet walls. By doing this, the closet will appear to have an extra depth. For inspiration, above is a built-in closet with our custom color Subtle Floral wall decor from our Modern Bohemian wallpaper collection. Click here to see a full nursery room tour video by Stephanie Hoey Interiors.

Simple kids bookcase makeover with removable wallpaper

DIY kid's room peel & stick wallpaper idea No.4 - Simple bookcase upgrade

We already mentioned reading nook, but let's not forget about the bookcases and shelves. Add texture and depth to your toddler's room bookshelves. Restyle "home" for his favorite books and toys. Also, this is a great way how to use wallpaper leftovers. Look at the picture above - our Black Dalmatian pattern wallpaper completely transforms the floor book bin. Read more tips and tricks about this DIY project here.  

How to use chalkboard wallpaper in kids room

DIY kid's room peel & stick wallpaper idea No.5 - Framed chalkboard

The 5th DIY kid's room self-adhesive wallpaper idea is simple - framed chalkboard wallpaper. This is a great DIY project idea for kids' who love to draw. Frame Removable Chalkboard wallpaper and put it on the wall, like in the picture above or cover the whole wall. Let your kids' express themselves to the fullest and enjoy the possibility of new wall art each day. Read more about the Winter Daisy boy's room project here!

I hope that this blog post gave you new DIY ideas on how to use self-adhesive wallpaper in your kid's room interior. If you have any questions or would like to add your thoughts, feel free to leave a comment!



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