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Tropical Themed Nursery Design Featuring Palm Springs Inspired Wallpaper

Tropical Themed Nursery Design Featuring Palm Springs Inspired Wallpaper

Tropical vibes in this weeks blog post. While we love some neutral and simple nursery designs we completely adore some colorfulness and tropical vibes that you can find in this lovely nursery design. Tropical theme definitely stands out in the interior styles like the fun one. This tropicana dream of a project is done by Marissa from @thedaydreamdiaries. Keep reading this blog to learn more about the making of this nursery interior and how the choice of nursery wall accessories can create such a whimsical look of the space.

Tropical wallpaper design in baby girl's nursery design

When planing this nursery style Marissa started with choosing the right wallpaper pattern and then builded all the newborn nursery decor around it. We think that this is a unique way how to style interior and it definitely brings this cohesive look all through the nursery. The style that is going through Marissa’s whole house is mid-century modern which was also a big theme when planning this nursery.

Make sure to jump on Marissa's blog to learn more details about her point of view when planning this lovely project.
Tropical nursery style with removable wallpaper

The wall paper nursery design used for this project is our Palm Springs Tropical wall mural design from our Palm Springs collection, which can also be found in our Murals for Kids collection. We love this wallpaper design as there is such great contrast between the soft pink colors and the tropical greenery that suits this nursery so much. Paired with the white crib, all the nursery wall accessories just pop. The material used for this project is our non-woven traditional wallpaper material and there where only 6 wallpaper panels required, however, we also offer other materials like our peel and stick wallpaper for nursery.

Nursery decors for baby girl's

We are completely obsessed with this Joya Rocker from Monte. It adds such soft touch to this overall nursery design and to be honest it also looks so comfy that we would love to snooze off in there sometime. White color definitely goes great together with the pinks and greens of the tropical wallpaper design. 

Tropical theme nursery with wallpaper

This cute giraffe will definitely be little Gemma’s friend once she gets to know it when she’s older. The basket with some greenery also brings this tropical vibe to this nursery designer which paired with the wallpaper works beautifully.

If you are looking to create a colorful kids room using some cute rainbow wallpapers, then visit our Colorful Kids Wallpaper collection where you will find a variety of cool colorful wallpapers. However, if you are looking for more cute nursery wallpaper mural designs like this one, visit our Nursery Wall Murals collection.

Tropical removable wallpaper in nursery design

 We are obsessed with this tropical wallpaper design in this amazing nursery. It is a great choice for baby wall decor and it catches your eye once you enter this special room. Tropical wallpaper is definitely something that can really dominant in the interior that is why the styling needs to be smart to achieve a cohesive look. Marissa has done some spectacular job doing that with our Palm Spring wallpaper design from our Palm Springs Wallpaper & Wall Mural collection! 

If you are a a designers and are looking to design other nursery rooms or your own little ones, make sure to check our our Nursery Wallpaper collection for more fun nursery wallpaper girl designs or boy nursery wallpaper designs! 


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