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Tropical powder room interior with removable wallpaper

Tropical powder room interior with removable wallpaper

There is nothing more satisfying than matching the paint color of your walls to your desired wallpaper - it makes such a difference and the most beautiful final result. Such a sophisticated look that you can achieve with only color matching. It’s an easy hack, however it’s a major statement in the interior design world. In this blog post we will talk about this tropical inspired powder room design where the dominant color of the interior is no other than the color green which is such a spring and summer tone - we love it! Paired with this tropical leaves wallpaper design, this powder room definitely leaves a spectacular impression. Keep reading this blog post to learn more about this project and what is the best way to match the paint color to your wallpaper design.

Peel and stick wallpaper in powder room interior

This beautiful powder room project is done by amazing Rachel from @what.bb.built on Instagram. Rachel did the full powder room transformation in just 5 weeks in total. This powder room shows that you can do absolutely anything if you set your mind to it. Make sure to check out Rachel's informative Reel video where she talks about the full transformation of this powder room - step by step! From putting new flooring in to installing this fun, tropical palm leaves wallpaper and pairing it with this amazing green color board and batten. The color Rachel used for this board and batten is this beautiful shade of green from Sherwin Williams which is called Acacia Haze, and we love it!

Tropical wallpaper design for your powder room

 Wallpaper used for this project is our jungle leaf wallpaper - Blue Palm Leaf Wallpaper Design which Rachel actually customised specially for this amazing project in Sage color from our color palette. When planning this project, Rachel was torn between quite a few wallpaper designs, however after all, she decided that the palms wallpaper is the way to go. For this project there were 12 wallpaper panels required in total. Rachel decided to use our palm peel and stick wallpaper material for this powder room project. Our Self adhesive wallpaper is fabric based material that is installed gradually peeling of the backing paper while applying the wallpaper.

Removable wallpaper for bathrooms

Let's talk about color matching! The best way how to match the paint color to your desired wallpaper is to have a wallpaper sample on you so you can then match the colors in person and not from a digital picture. This is a very important step, because, as we know, colors can appear a little bit different when comparing them from a digital picture and how they actually look in person. Therefore, if you plan to match your wall color to you wallpaper, the best way to do it is with wallpaper sample. And definitely test out multiple color swatches to find the best one for your interior project! Make sure to visit our blog about the positive aspects of wallpaper samples and how they can actually make your wallpaper decision much much easier.

Removable wallpaper in powder room interior

 We think that Rachel has done absolutely amazing when transforming this powder room. We believe that spring is definitely the best time when tackle your home remodels - just in time for summer season when you will have more people around your home for those immaculate garden parties. 

If tropical wallpaper jungle theme is also your forte, then don't hesitate to check out our Tropical Wallpaper collection and find the design just for you. And, keep in mind, that you can customise nearly every design in our collection in colors of your choice. Happy wallpapering!

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