Scandinavian Safari Themed Boy's Bedroom

If you want to take part in the Lion King inspired safari kid's room trend, but are a true Scandinavian design advocate, check out this blog post for a stunning Scandinavian safari themed boy's bedroom interior inspiration!
Lion king safari boys bedroom interior with removable wallpaper and plush lion head
The easiest way to create a theme for your little one's room is with interior decor elements. They are easily changeable and when the coolest thing in the world now happens to be Marvel comics and not safari animals, you can change the decor accordingly. Easy peasy!
Black and white boys bedroom with white house shaped bed, animal spots removable wallpaper and tiger rug
However to do that successfully, you first need to create a suitable canvas, aka color and texture palette of the room. The classical Scandinavian black & white color palette with natural wood flooring is a timeless choice and can easily serve for next 18 years. It is so versatile that this room can even be transformed into a guest room, home office or anything, really. And it will be much easier to do so than if the room had bright blue walls, right?
Reading nook in scandianvian kid's room with white floating shelves, book display and animal print removable wallpaper
If you want to add some wallpaper to the room for an accent wall, I would suggest to choose black and white pattern - or at least a minimal design wallpaper. Even though all of our wallpapers are removable, it is easier to work with a neutral and sophisticated pattern than something cartoonish. Especially if your little one has a change of heart from time to time.
Kid's room storage ideas with personalised woven basket
Personalised items are also very popular choice for our little one interiors. I personally prefer to keep them low key, such as this woven toy basket. It is functional and can be beautifully displayed on a shelf or by the bed.
Scnadinavian kid's playroom ideas with white teepee and safari themed interior
If you don't happen to have a dedicated playroom in your home, a play nook is a must! And I love how this room has two! This teepee for more imaginative adventures and a reading nook with floating shelves for expanding the imagination. 
Play kitchen with black and white wallpaper and brass hardware in a neutral white scandinavian kid's bedroom
And what to do with those wallpaper leftovers? Use them cleverly and style the play kitchen! Or frame them and hang to the gallery wall. Or use as drawer liners. As you can see there are options! If you've done  any clever wallpaper projects with our removable wallpaper or designed a beautiful space and would like to be featured on our blog, please get in touch! We're always so excited to see these beautiful spaces!

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