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Boho Nursery Interior For Baby Girl In Earthy Tones

Modern boho baby girl nursery interior with terrazzo design removable wallpaper

You guys know how much we love to see your beautiful interior projects created with our removable wallpaper! And you might also know that we love to share them with you for your upcoming interior remodel project ideas, or just as a simple interior inspiration. And it so happens that today is the day when we have launched our Bohemian Desert Wall Mural Collection and it features this beautiful oversized Coral Terrazzo Design Wall Mural used as wall mural for nursery interior! Make sure to browse through this post to find some beautiful gender neutral nursery inspiration!

Modern coastal bohemian style baby girl nursery interior design with warm tone terrazzo removable wallpaper and light wood furniture

This nursery was designed by Jeru Peace for her baby girl Jax. Earthy tones are used throughout her house and she wanted to keep the same vibe for this nursery as well. The idea that she wanted to do a terrazzo wall for this nursery was basically the first thing she noted to her mood board when she found out she was expecting. Jeru had the idea of painting the walls herself, however when she accidentally stumbled upon our neutral color wall art design - Terrazzo Wall Mural from our Neutral Wall Murals collection, the plans changed immediately! To paint these two walls it would probably take a week, whereas self adhesive wallpaper installation can be done in no time, and may I add it looks simply stunning!

For those who are wondering, this wall mural is also available in traditional wallpaper material and you can visit this blog post to learn of the most important differences between these two wallpaper materials.

Warm tone baby girl nursery interior design with removable wallpaper feature wall

The room is light and airy, yet is filled with various textures and decor details that draw your attention everywhere you look. The simple light wood crib works wonderfully with the rattan side table and woven baskets making the room look warm and cozy. Even though the floor is quite dark, the area rug from Urban Outfitters makes the room look lighter and adds yet another texture to the room. We also love how the rug has an abstract rainbow pattern which complements the Terrazzo Wallpaper and how they together almost create a subtle 'rainbow' theme hint in this interior. Our colorful kids wallpaper collection contains of cute rainbow wallpaper and cool colorful wallpapers that will bring a great accent to any kids room. Therefore, make sure to visit our Colorful Kids Wallpaper collection to create the most amazing colorful nursery for your little one. However, for more cute baby room mural designs or just some fun mural ideas for nursery project, visit our Nursery Wall Murals collection.

Gender neutral nursery interior with terrazzo design wall mural, light wood furniture and white interior decor elements

And this cute little bench decor moment! It's so pretty! We especially love this nursing pillow by Ebb & Thread. It's a wonderful company that makes pillows using artisan textiles sourced from around the world, and they're gorgeous! Make sure to check them out.

Baby nursery changing table with round mirror and dried palm leaf decor

This beautiful floor lamp is another favourite of ours. The texture selection of this baby room interior is simply exceptional! And we have noticed a very distinct round mirror trend in nursery settings these past few years as it appears in almost every baby room we see. It's of course beautiful and understandable why it's so popular, and it definitely makes a good selfie spot!

Baby nursery changing table essentials in seagrass woven basket

Gender neutral nursery rocking chair corner with terrazzo wallpaper feature wall, warm tone interior decor and woven basket organisation

This baby room interior somehow is very calming and serene to the eyes, don't you agree? Perhaps because of the warm tones and use of natural materials such as wood, bamboo and seagrass weaves. And did you notice that the only black element in this nursery is the nursing pillow by Ebb & Thread

Warm tone gender neutral baby nursery interior room, with light wood ikea crib, livettes terrazzo removable wallpaper, eclectic bohemian interior style

We also feel that this baby crib from IKEA will be the next big hit in bohemian style nurseries! For a while white baby cribs where used in almost every second nursery, however we see this particular one popping up more and more in baby room projects and it's definitely here to stay for a while. Some might find it too simple. but with the right interior decor it looks wonderful and actually goes with so many interior styles! We're very excited to see it in other nursery interior projects in this year. 

Baby nursery closet design with terrazzo feature wall and warm color palette baby clothing

And as the last decor moment of this nursery we wanted to highlight this closet styling. It's always a good idea to save some wallpaper leftovers, because they tend to look wonderful in closet as a feature wall, or in the dresser as drawer liners!

The key elements for creating boho nursery interior

1. Use earthy tones 

The interior should be warm and inviting, especially when creating a nursery. If you're after bohemian baby room, warm and earthy tones will be your best choice. And the biggest pro of this color scheme is that it's pretty gender neutral.

2. Select natural materials

Jute, bamboo, wood and seagrass are all good options. Natural elements like dried palm leaves can also be a great styling element.

3. Mix in various elements

Bohemian style is all about the collection of your wanders. The places you have visited or various things you're interested in. Keep it cohesive with a unifying color palette.

4. Bring in some greenery

Bohemian interiors cannot be complete without greenery. Real our faux, that is your choice, but make sure to add at least one plant to the room.

5. Choose sustainable decor

It's become more and more important to choose products that have been sustainably made or sourced. For this purpose we have specifically chosen vinyl and PVC-free wallpaper materials for safe use nurseries and kid's rooms. Choosing baby toys, pillows and baby clothing made of natural materials is another way to implement sustainability and eco-friendly choices.


We hope you enjoyed this beautiful nursery and please don't hesitate to leave a comment or share it with a momma to be as an inspiration! 


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