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The Botanical Wallpaper Collection features nature wallpaper designs in three wallpaper materials. From wallpapers with plants to leaves wallpaper, garden wallpaper and palm leaf wallpaper designs, we are sure you will find the perfect wallpaper botany design for your leafy wallpaper project and get some inspiring ideas to start your home project today!

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The Botanical Wallpaper Collection features nature wallpaper designs in three wallpaper materials. From wallpapers with plants to leaves wallpaper, garden wallpaper and palm leaf wallpaper designs, we are sure you will find the perfect wallpaper botany design for your leafy wallpaper project and get some inspiring ideas to start your home project today!


Botany wallpaper is a stylish and timeless wallpapering choice as the nature never really goes out of style, especially if it speaks to your heart. Adding some pops of botanist wallpaper is the perfect way to add some everlasting greenery to your interior. Nearly all of our plants wallpapers in this collection are customisable, so you can achieve the desired look. From green leaf wallpaper to dark botanical wallpaper, bright pink palm leaves wallpaper, neutral meadow wallpaper and pastel color vintage botanical wallpapers — everything is possible. If you are looking to adjust the leaf background or wish to have the vintage botanical prints in bright colors, simply reach out to our customer support and we'll be happy to make a digital mock-up for you prior placing the order as well as help you with some tips & ideas for your upcoming interior design project including some guidance for the installation process.

Botanical Wallpapers For Any Room Of The House

Foliage wallpaper can work beautifully in almost any room of the house. Variety of green botanical wallpaper for example offer a beautiful and energising accent for a laundry room or powder room, while green leaves wallpaper, either as tropical leaves or as vintage wallpaper with leaves will do wonders in kids rooms. Vintage botanical print wallpapers however will create a intricate garden inspired look in the dining room or kitchen interior highlighting the beauty of nature.

Find The Perfect Botanical Wallpaper For Your Project!

Browse through our collection of botanical peel and stick wallpaper, leaf peel and stick wallpaper, nature wallpaper and green plants wallpaper to find the perfect one for your project! And remember, each plant wallpaper design is available in three different wallpaper materials — learn more about the differences between them in this section! Or visit our Botanical Wall Mural Collection for even more oversized and large options for botanical wallpaper for walls!

Frequently asked questions

Botanical wallpaper and floral wallpaper offer distinct styles for home decor. Botanical wallpaper features a broad range of plant life, including leaves, branches, forest trees and other plants, creating a lush, natural atmosphere with subtle, earthy tones ideal for various room styles. In contrast, floral wallpaper focuses specifically on flowers, showcasing blossoms like roses and tulips with vibrant or romantic designs that add classic charm and femininity. While botanical patterns evoke a calming environment, flowers bring a sense of romance and vibrancy, making each type unique in its visual impact and versatility for different interior styles. To see more of a visual differences between patterns with plants and patterns with flowers visit our Floral Wallpaper Collection and see the beauty yourself.

Popular styles of botanical wallpaper feature many designs, such as tropical designs with vivid colors, exotic plants and bold patterns, and woodland styles featuring serene forest scenes and earthy tones. Ferns and foliage wallpapers offer detailed leaf patterns with subtle elegance, while succulents and cacti bring a modern, minimalist vibe covered with soft greens and pastels. Vintage botanical wallpapers add a classic feel with historical illustrations and detailed artwork, and tropical jungle styles create an immersive experience with dense foliage and rich colors. Monochrome botanical wallpapers provide a sophisticated, minimalist look with single tone schemes, and botanical illustrations add an artistic touch with varied color palettes. Each style brings a touch of nature inside, suiting different tastes and home designs.

The latest trends in botanical wallpaper include bold, oversized prints that make a statement and feature such large tropical leaves and exotic flowers. There's a growing popularity for eco-friendly, sustainable materials that emphasise natural, earthy tones and textures. Vintage botanical illustrations are making a comeback, adding a classic yet stylish touch to modern interiors. Monochrome plants wallpapers, featuring shades of a single tone, are in demand for their sophisticated and minimalist appeal.

As all of our products, including wallpaper samples, are made to order you can take advantage of customising the colors of nearly all of the wallpaper patterns, including the botanical collection. This feature allows you to tailor the wallpaper to perfectly match your personal style and home decor - this way you also participate in the wallpaper production process. Whether you prefer vibrant, bold hues or subtle, muted tones, customising your botanical wallpaper ensures it complements your existing furniture, accents, interior style and overall aesthetic.

Choosing the right botanical wallpaper for your space involves considering several factors: start by evaluating the room’s existing color scheme and decor to ensure the wallpaper complements the overall aesthetic. Think about the ambiance you want to create; for a calming, natural feel, opt for wallpapers with simple, earthy tones and delicate plants pattern, while bold, vibrant patterns with large tropical prints can energize and brighten a space. Consider the room’s size and lighting; smaller rooms benefit from lighter, less busy patterns to avoid feeling cramped, whereas larger spaces can handle more intricate and darker patterns. Additionally, think about the wallpaper’s durability and maintenance, especially in high-traffic areas with moisture, such as bathrooms and kitchens.

Botanical wallpaper style offers versatile ways to elevate home decor creatively. One approach is to create a statement wall in living rooms or bedrooms, using a bold botanical print to add depth and character to the space. For smaller areas like entryways or alcoves, consider using botanical wallpaper to highlight and define the space, creating a focal point that welcomes guests. Another innovative use is to apply botanical wallpaper on ceilings, transforming the room’s ambiance with a unique overhead display of nature. Additionally, wallpaper with plants can be used to enhance furniture pieces like bookcases or cabinets, adding a subtle yet impactful touch of greenery. Lastly, incorporating botanical wallpaper in unexpected places like bathrooms or kitchen backsplashes can bring a refreshing and natural element to these functional areas, making them feel more inviting. These creative applications not only showcase the beauty of botanical patterns but also personalize home decor with a touch of natural elegance. Make sure to visit our Peel & Stick Kitchen Backsplash Collection to view our backsplash products.