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Wallpaper DIY For Your Next Garden Party

Wallpaper DIY For Your Next Garden Party
Summer is the time for garden parties with good food and an amazing company of friends and family. In this blog post we would love to inspire you with some unique decor ideas for your next party inspired by restaurant accent wall ideas. Here will be a step by step wallpaper DIY to use your leftover wallpaper or wallpaper samples in your next garden party and add some unique pop of color with fish posters or other food inspired restaurant wall decor samples.

1. Gather Everything Needed

Tools For A DIY Wallpaper Garden Party Placemats
For this DIY wallpaper garden party decor you will need leftover wallpaper or wallpaper samples of your choice, sharp scissors, a ruler and a pencil. In our garden party we chose to use our Vintage Octopus Removable Wallpaper and our Crab Pattern Removable Wallpaper from the Modern Mediterranean Collection.

2. Measure The Size Of Your Table Placemats

Measuring Wallpaper Garden Party Placemats
The next step is to choose the sizes of your unique garden party table placemats. Using a ruler, measure the same sizes for all placemats and softly mark the cutting lines with the pencil. Make sure to use a ruler for perfectly straight lines and call a friend for some company and make it a fun activity together with a glass of your favorite beverage.

3. Cut The Wallpaper

Cutting Out Wallpaper Placemats For A Garden Party
Now it is time to carefully cut out the placemats. Using sharp scissors without a rush cut out all of the colorful placemats to dazzle your party guests and add a personalized touch to the table design that will give it all the color needed.

4. Decorate The Table

Garden Party DIY Wallpaper Table Placemats
The next step is to decorate the table with your new unique placemats. Use them underneath your guests plate sets or in the middle of your table underneath all the lovely meals you will be serving your guests. For a perfect finish, combine the wallpaper placemats with a napkin within the color scheme of your table set. We love how the chosen  Vintage Octopus Removable Wallpaper and Crab Pattern Removable Wallpaper matched the theme and looked at our summer garden party.

5. Enjoy


The final step is to enjoy the beautiful results together with your guests. These placemats will definitely compliment your garden party table design and cover the table in a very creative and extraordinary way that your guests will notice and remember. Furthermore, they will add a beautiful eye-catching detail, without looking to add anything much more.

For more food inspired - restaurant wallpaper designs, visit our Food-Themed Wallpaper collection and browse through more fun wallpaper designs, like our mushroom wallpapers; seafood wallpaper designs and more.
We hope this blog post showing a fun DIY project for a unique garden party wallpaper placemat will give you an inspiration of where to creatively use the leftover wallpaper at home this summer to enjoy with your friends and family.

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