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Spring Florals For Each Interior Style

Spring florals for each interior style

As we are leaving the colder season behind and preparing for the new spring season, it is the time to give your home or office interior a fresh breath, pop of color and sunshine for a cheerful atmosphere. Spring is the season of blooming and what better way to introduce some color and scent of spring, than using florals in your decor. Flower arrangements are a beautiful accessory to the room to give a romantic, elegant mood and bring the feeling of the new season inside. However, there are many floral styles to choose from, therefore, it depends on the personality, home style, environment and overall mood. To help you with some ideas and inspiration, here will be spring florals examples for 5 interior styles.

Eclectic & colorful interior floral inspiration

Eclectic style is all about going with the unexpected and playing with colors. This style includes mixing and matching different styles and colors into a purposeful eye-catching decor. Floral designs in this style are colorful and fun, bringing a lot of visual interest. Combining different colors is key in this interior style. As seen in the photo above, vibrant and uncommonly shaped floral arrangements go very well with an interesting shape or color vase. For example, creating 2 different height colorful, creatively shaped floral arrangements and organizing them in the Kink Vase seen in the photo above will make an impressive interior decor.  

Shop the look:

1. Juice Vase | HAY
2. Vases Découpage, Disque | Vitra
3. Kink Vase | Muuto
4. Muse vase | Fundamental Berlin
5. Sobremesa Stripe Vase | HAY
6. Pitcher Strøm | Raawii
Modern farmhouse interior floral inspiration

Modern farmhouse style is cozy and charmfull, bringing a comforting and chic aura in the room. Modern farmhouse is a little less vintage and brings more of a contemporary feel. Colors used in this style are more neutral, such as beige, cream, sage, gray, off-white. Modern farmhouse style involves quite a bit of wood elements, therefore, these color tones go very well within the design as well. Feel free to add some accent with a different pop of color, such as the Matte Terracotta Vase as seen in the photo above, but to stay truly within the theme, try to opt for more lighter neutral tones in the floral design.

Shop the look:

1. Tall Glass Mini Vase | H&M HOME
2. Pitcher Strøm | Raawii
3. Barnacle Vase | Anthropologie
4. Verso Table Vase | ferm LIVING
5. Matte Terracotta Vase | Anthropologie
6. Urna Vase | Marimekko
Mid-cetury modern interior florals inpiration

Mid-century modern style involves use of bold, vibrant colors, clean lines, graphic shapes and wood material details within the interior. This style uses accent colors against neutral tones such as black, white, tones of wood. Add some bold and colorful mid-century style floral decor by using a color combination of red and yellow with a wood or glass vase, such as the Flared Glass Vase or Wooden Mini Vase seen in the photo above. Other colors to consider within the floral design are bright orange, shades of green, terra cotta, tranquil blue-gray.

Shop the look:

1. Flared Glass Vase | H&M HOME
2. Wooden Mini Vase | H&M HOME
3. Glass Vase | H&M HOME
4. Small Green Glass Vase | H&M HOME
5. Summit Curved Vase | Crate&Barrel
6. Century Turned Acacia Wood Vase | Crate&Barrel

Modern bohemian interior florals inspiration

Modern bohemian style combines earthy warm tones with a pop of pastel colors. This style is very free-spirited, therefore, combining different patterns, materials with different colors gives a fun and exotic atmosphere. Consider using green tones, warm browns and shades of gray as a base and use colors such as whites, neutral tones, beige, tan, rustic tones, pastel pink, orange, yellow as accents. If going for a lighter color floral arrangement, try to combine it with a darker shade vase such as Large Stoneware Vase as seen in the photo above. If your mood is craving for more colorful tones within the flower arrangement, consider using a vase in lighter, warm brown color, such as the Full Moon Clay Vase seen in the photo above.

Shop the look:

1. Large Stoneware Vase | H&M HOME
2. Warrick White Vase | Crate&Barrel
3. Full Moon Clay Vase | Leanne Ford
4. Large Glass Vase | H&M HOME
5. Large Glass Vase | H&M HOME
6. Sculptural Stoneware Vase | H&M HOME

Coastal style interior florals inspiration

Coastal Style can give a summer feeling all year around with its soft and light tones, natural light, and beachy atmosphere in detail. A relaxing and cozy atmosphere that includes a lot of natural elements and white color to make the mood of the room bright and airy. With this style less can be more, going for more minimalistic decor options. However, when it comes to floral arrangements, don't be afraid to use some accent color. Colors to consider including are warmer beige, khaki, neutrals, grays, pale blue-green, light blues creating an exotic coastal style floral decor. Combine the floral arrangement with a coastal style inspired shaped vase in white or light brown tones. Or pick a vase in the very coastal light blue color combined with white such as the Decorative Ombre Vase as seen in the photo above.

Shop the look:

1. Decorative Ombre Vase | Everhome
2. Fountain Vase | ferm LIVING
3. Handwoven Seagrass Vase | Crate&Barrel
4. Strandgade Stem Ceramic Vase | MENU
5. Ary Mini Vase | ferm LIVING
6. Moiré vase | ferm LIVING

We hope these floral arrangement examples in different styles will give you some inspiration and help you to bring spring feeling inside to give your interior a bright, fun and eye-catching accent.

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