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Kids room wallpaper trend predictions for 2021For the past couple of months, we have been gathering information about what's new in the interior design world and where we are heading. In this blog post, we are sharing our kid's room wallpaper trend predictions for 2021. The wallpaper trend list includes gender-neutral, botanical, floral & wildlife-inspired kid's room wallpaper designs that we predict will be a popular choice for the children's room in 2021. Read more about nursery wallpaper trends below.
Gender neutral nursery wallpaper ideas for 2021

Gender neutral nursery wallpaper

One of the most popular nursery interior styles in the last year was gender-neutral, and we think in 2021 it will become even more popular. We love the gender-neutral style wallpaper designs because they are universal and can be easily styled with other interior accessories. 

 The best gender neutral nursery wallpaper design in 2021

 A great example of a gender-neutral wallpaper design is our Modern Delicate Herringbone from the Modern Boho kids room wallpaper collection. Its design has proven itself to be worthy of the gender-neutral title, and because of its timeless design, Modern Delicate Herringbone is a bestseller for more than three years in a row and still counting. 

Colourful gender neutral abstract shape nursery wallpaper

Abstract shapes also are becoming more and more popular when it comes to gender-neutral nursery wallpaper. Similar to the herringbone, our Terrazzo Wall Mural from the Bohemian Desert collection will transform the living space without setting a certain gender vibe to it.
Abstract shape wall mural for gender neutral nursery interior
Abstract but still tidy - The Beige Brush Strokes print wallpaper is the perfect choice for those who wish to create a light and neutral nursery or kids' room interior with extra texture. 
Neutral color brush stroke wallpaper for unisex nursery style interior
Neutral style nursery interior inspiration with abstract brush stroke wallpaper
Botanical foliage removable wallpaper styled in nursery closet


In the last year, we noticed a shift in interest from geometric patterns to more nature-inspired wallpaper designs. We predict that the botanical theme nursery wallpaper will be one of the most popular nursery and kid's room wallpaper style in 2021. Similar to gender-neutral designs, the same nature-inspired wallpaper patterns can be used in girls' or boys' rooms. 
Modern leaf wallpaper for kids room interior
Light Green Botanical foliage from our Minimal Boho kids room wallpaper collection in 2020 gained huge popularity because of its subtle colors and universal pattern design. We predict that as long as the botanical theme wallpaper trend will go on, this wallpaper design will remain as one of the most popular leaf design wallpaper for nursery and kids' room interiors. 
Modern farmhouse style nursery interior styled with botanical theme wallpaper
Vintage style nature inspired removable wallpaper for nursery interior
Nature will never go out of style. That is why many of our wallpaper designs reflect botanical elements. When it comes to nature-inspired wallpaper we predict that vintages style illustrations and more detailed design will take over nursery and kids room walls in 2021. Delicate meadow wildflower theme kids room wallpaperLarge delicate floral wall mural for girls room interior

Floral wallpaper

Floral wallpaper designs will still be a popular choice for a baby girl's room in 2021 as it has been many years before. Larger in size and more subtle in design and colors. The flower wallpaper trend adapts and follows interior design trends. 

Floral wallpaper in boho style girls bedroom
A bestseller in 2020, we predict that Delicate Floral design wall mural from our Boho Inspired girl's room wallpaper collection, will continue to be one of the most popular floral wallpaper for girls' room interior in 2021.
Large pink floral wallpaper in modern boho style girls bedroom interior
Subtle design floral wall mural form modern girls room interior

Vintage style trendy safari theme nursery wallpaper

animal theme wallpaper

Animal theme decor and kids room interior go hand in hand if you ask our opinion. That is why we predict that animal-inspired wallpaper designs will keep their popularity through this year and the coming ones. 

Animal theme inspired nursery interior styled with animal illustration wallpaper
Last year the most popular animal theme wallpaper was Vintage style safari animal wallpaper from the Minimal Boho kids room wallpaper collection. Without a doubt, we predict that this safari theme wallpaper will decorate many more kids' room walls in 2021.
Abstract dot wallpaper in modern nursery interior
Another way how to add an animal kingdom vibe to children's rooms interior is by using animal prints. We predict that animal print wallpaper designs will gain more popularity in nursery and toddler rooms because of their abstract look. 
Abstract shape giraffe print wallpaper styled in playroom interior

Vintage style air balloon illustration wallpaper for kids room interior

Adventure theme wallpaper

It is so important to encourage our little ones to be brave and curious. That is why many of our newest kids room wallpaper designs reflect adventurous theme designs.

Adventure theme boy's nursery removable wallpaper
We predict that in 2021 adventurous theme wallpaper will decorate not only boys but also girls' rooms. From colorful rainbows to pink air balloons and jungle theme leopards. Let's explore 2021 together!Colorful rainbow wallpaper for playful kids room interiorWhat do you think about our Kids' room wallpaper trend predictions for 2021? If you have any questions or would like to share your thoughts, feel free to leave a comment below!



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