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Gourmet Destinations Inspired Wallpaper

modern gourmet destinations inspired wallpaper designs
Travel, for me, has always been one of the biggest inspirations for new ideas and designs. Being a "foodie'', I view traveling as an opportunity to try and taste new dishes since there are so many flavors around the world. And each destination has its own – breakfast croissants and evening with oysters & champagne in Paris, fresh seafood on holiday somewhere in the sunny Mediterranean, and rich vegetable stew in autumn in the foggy British countryside. There is no doubt that travel and food go hand in hand, and that is the inspiration for our newest Gourmet Destinations Inspired Wallpaper designs to bring a sense of flavor & exploration also to your home!
gourmet definition
Gourmet Destinations Inspired Wallpapers feature various designs with sea and ocean creatures for coastal & Mediterranean interiors, wild mushrooms and vintage garlic for farmhouse style settings, and even french croissants wallpaper that would look beautiful in a minimal & elegant space. Most designs are influenced by vintage food, plants, and sea creature drawings because we think, – gourmet is a fine quality that goes well with the vintage theme. We hope these designs will help make your space truly delicious!


parisian chic french gourmet food inspired modern removable wallpaper

Let's start our journey in Paris, France – the ultimate gourmet destination! When visiting Paris, there is no better way to start your day than with a cup of coffee and a fresh croissant from the bakery.
french croissant removable wallpaper for modern interior design
Our new French Croissant Wallpaper in a neutral color scheme is subtle and elegant and will fit in a minimal dining room interior and even on a wall in a café or bakery. But maybe you want to wake up and see croissants on your bedroom wall? Well, we can't blame you because they are just delicious!
parisian food inspired contemporary wallpaper
gourmet seafood picnic inspired wallpaper
From breakfast croissants to a Gourmet Seafood Picnic Wallpaper with oysters, clams, and lobster – delicacies suit the Parisian chic mood, and wallpaper like this in your kitchen will, for sure, make a statement. But if you set your mind on something more decorative and minimal, neutral Abstract Oysters Wallpaper or the vintage-style Red Lobster Wallpaper will fit perfectly in a sophisticated interior.


mediterranean gourmet food modern removable wallpaper inspo board

The sunny Mediterranean reminds me of vacations and warm, careless days by the sea, enjoying delicious foods. Almost like in the tv-show White Lotus but – with less drama and more "foodie" adventures! Seafood dishes are a must for a vacation like this – octopus, sardines, crab, mussels… and I could go on and on with the list because it is a seafood lovers' paradise. Inspired by this picturesque summer vacation setting, we designed coastal & Mediterranean style wallpapers featuring sea creatures.
vintage octopus removable wallpaper for modern coastal interior design

Large scaled Vintage Octopus Wallpaper would look stunning on an accent wall in a coastal-style dining room interior, whereas red, tiny Crab Pattern Wallpaper would be an eye-catching addition to a modern & minimal kitchen. Let's dive deeper into the sea with something for those who got their eye on moodier and darker wallpaper designs. Navy Lobsters Wallpaper reminds of deep sea adventures and pairs beautifully with brighter colors like lemon yellow in a bright & modern interior or with a neutral and light color palette for a coastal style space.

mediterranean food inspired contemporary wallpaper

modern fish removable wallpaper for mediterranean interiors

If you are looking for a more colorful and fun yet elegant coastal style design Modern Fish Wallpaper might be the one. We can easily imagine this versatile design in a kitchen interior as well as an ocean-themed kid's room.


gourmet destinations british countryside modern wallpaper inspo board


Each destination has its charm and brings its unique flavors and impressions. We’ve visited the chic & elegant Paris and the sunny and warm Mediterranean coast, and now it’s time for a change of weather – our next destination is foggy jet cozy British Countryside. With its rainy and windy weather, British Countryside always makes me think of autumn, a cozy fireplace, and warm and delicious countryside food, like rich veggie stew, or going to the forest in the morning fog for wild mushrooms.
vintage vegetables farmhouse style wallpaper
Vintage Farmhouse Vegetables Wallpaper in a beautiful olive shade is a classic design with stylized vintage veggies that will fit right in a farmhouse-style kitchen interior. If you love autumnal color schemes and vintage themed motivs, Wild Mushrooms Wallpaper might catch your eye. We can see this pattern in an enchanted forest-themed kid's room or an earthy-toned kitchen interior. But remember – not all mushrooms are edible!
vintage farmhouse style wallpaper
vintage olives farmhouse style wallpaper
Fancy a summertime picnic in the countryside? Subtle and neutral Fruit Picnic Pattern Wallpaper with a classic watercolor buffalo background might be a match – neutral color scheme tones down the pattern to make it a perfect backdrop for a farmhouse-style interior. If you still find yourself dreaming about the sunny Mediterranean coast, Vintage Olive Pattern Wallpaper might bring that warm feeling to your farmhouse kitchen interior.

We hope that this gourmet inspired blog post tangled your senses! If you want to see even more Gourmet Destinations Inspired Wallpaper designs check out the food-themed wallpaper section on our homepage! Or do not hesitate to check out our newly added kitchen backsplash collections - from Floral Backsplash designs to Herringbone and Chevron backsplash designs and decorate your dream kitchen, as well as protect your walls with a durable solution.
Let us know in the comments below your favorite travel destinations and flavors that remind you of them – we would love to hear from you!

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