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5 DIY Projects With Leftover Wallpaper

DIY projects with leftover wallpaper
Often enough after wallpapering a room or a wall, there might be some leftover wallpaper that is just too gorgeous to be hidden deep inside a closet, waiting for that moment when it will be used. Not only can wallpaper be used on the walls or ceilings, it is a great material to add some character to other details and accessories at home as well. Whether it is a slice, a sample or a whole panel left, there are many options for a DIY weekend leftover wallpaper project where it can be used in different sizes. To help you with some ideas, here will be 5 projects where you can use the leftover wallpaper and make another detail at your home shine.

Statement Stair Design

Pastel Pink Speckle wallpapered staircase

Give your stairs a completely different look by lining the risers with a colorful, patterned, bold wallpaper. Wallpapering your stairs will definitely create a statement peace and a wow factor detail at home as it is commonly overlooked as a peace of home to add some pop of color. Wallpapering your staircase is a great way to add some personality and warmth and make home feel more welcoming as often it is a focal point when entering a home. As seen in the photo above, Erika has used the Pastel Pink Speckle Removable Wallpaper to draw attention to the remodeled staircase and has transformed the character of it in a very positive way.


Frame It

Framed leftover wallpaper

Craving a little bit more color on your wall but not committed enough to wallpaper the whole wall? Framing your leftover wallpaper can give you just that picture perfect wallpaper design and give just the right amount of color and pattern you were looking for. Enjoy the wallpaper you have chosen and love in a smaller scale in another room as artwork to carry the pattern throughout your home. Whether choosing to create a larger framed artwork to cover most of your wall or use a smaller piece of your leftover wallpaper or a selection of samples to put in smaller frames, this DIY project will give your wall a fresh and eye-catching look.


Line Your Wardrobe

Subtle floral wallpapered nursery closet

The smaller the space, the easier to add a statement with a bolder color or pattern wallpaper as in a smaller area it will not feel overwhelming. It will rather give the feeling of the space being bigger and give an original touch to it. Lining your wardrobe is definitely a way to give a tired wardrobe a fresh makeover and excitement every time you go to pick out your outfit. It is an uncommon interior design trick that can give the wardrobe both a more elegant and powerful look. Brittney in the photo above has given the nursery closet a fun detail and made it feel warmer and more welcoming by lining it with the Subtle Floral Removable Wallpaper.

Give Your Kitchen Cabinet a Makeover

Wallpapered kitchen cabinets

Use some of that leftover wallpaper panels to add interest and eye catching detail to the back of your kitchen cabinets where there is an open shelving or glass door. It is all about the detail and adding wallpaper behind the cabinet will give a personalized detailing and an accent to the contents of your shelfs. Adding some color and pattern in your kitchen has the possibility to make the cooking process more fun and the kitchen feel cozier. In the photo above we can see the Blue Scandi Style Geometric Wallpaper used by Sheridan in the kitchen to cover the back of kitchen cabinets, giving the space an individual and elegant touch.

Decorate Your Fireplace

Hazelnot color horseshoe wallpapered chimney breast

Wallpaper can give a wall and any detail at your home a charming transformation. If you have a fireplace at home, using your leftover wallpaper to add some drama and color to it, is a great option to make it stand out. The positioning of a fireplace at home is often very central, therefore, wrapping the chimney breast with wallpaper, can give it a power look that the room might need. The wallpaper used for the chimney breast in the photo above is the Hazelnut Color Horsehoe Pattern Removable Wallpaper that has added a lovely touch of warmth to the fireplace. Wallpapering a fireplace can get tricky for a DIY project, therefore, check out How To Wallpaper A Chimney Breast blog post to learn some tips and tricks for an efficient wallpapering process.

We hope these 5 DIY projects will give you an inspiration of where to use your leftover wallpaper and make another detail of your home stand out and get a fresh look.


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