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Toddler playroom interior design featuring Brush Stroke wallpaper

Toddler playroom interior inspiration with minimal brush stroke removable wallpaper in closet reading nook

Something fun and playful on the blog this time! We want to show you this amazing playroom makeover, which was a spare bedroom at the time, done by lovely Angela from The Rosewood Home and trust me, this interior will catch your eye immediately. We can’t get enough of this superhero and adventure themed toddler playroom featuring our Brush Stroke Wallpaper in custom colour. Keep reading this blog to learn more!

DIY accent wall interior featuring removable wallpaper

This playroom remodel took 8 months to be completely done and we think that it was absolutely worth the wait and all the hard work that was putted into this project to come true! This magic was made by the lovely Angela who took this project to the next level. Her theme was subtle superhero and adventure books combined with some green and neutral colours for the accent.

Subtle removable wallpaper design for nook design

For this project Angela have used our Brush Strokes Print Removable Wallpaper in custom colour “Roof”. Yes, isn’t that cool? You can customise every wallpaper design in the colours of your choice. Don’t be afraid to experiment and have some fun in your own home interior! To finish this project there was only 6 wallpaper panels required. Angela used our Traditional wallpaper material which is installed using wallpaper glue or paste. Make sure to jump on Angelas blog to learn more about her experience hanging the Traditional wallpaper for the first time.

Wallpapered nook in custom colour removable wallpaper design
“It’s amazing how wallpaper can take a space from being blah to being absolutely eye catching” says Angela and we can’t agree more.
Wallpaper can absolutely make a big impact in your interior if you want something to catch peoples eyes, first thing when walking in the room. We love the sage green and warm white colours for the accents as well as the custom colour “Roof” for the Brush Stroke Print wallpaper that goes absolutely amazing together with the overall look of the room. However, if brush strokes are too simple for you we have an amazing Playroom wallpaper collection with such a variety of designs. There is definitely something for everyone! If you need more toddler room ideas boy edition, make sure to visit our Toddler Bedroom Wallpaper collection to find more fun designs. 
Inspiring interior design for your toddlers playroom featuring wallpaper

We love how for the accent wall Angela have decided to use some wall boards to really make the space bigger and more bright. It’s definitely a creative way! Did you know that creating an accent wall in your room is really trendy right now? You can accent only one wall in your room and the impact will be huge. Make sure to visit our Wall Mural collection for that accent wall inspiration.

DIY traditional wallpaper project for the toddler playroom

We just love how bright and fun this playroom is. There is a little bit of everything: cute wallpapered nook for those reading sessions, ball pit and the slide to have some fun and the amazing accent wall which says it all. “The world needs who you were made to be”!


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    Thank you for your comment! As we unfortunately do not know the exact paint that was used on the green accent wall with the decorative wall panelling, we would recommend to reach out to Angela from Rosewoodhome directly on Instagram as we’re sure she will be more than happy to help you with this detail. :)

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