1. What are the differences between self adhesive and traditional materials?

There are actually several differences apart from the obvious one that is application method. Please see this blog post to get to know more details with visual examples.

2. Can I order a sample?

At each listing you can find a dropdown menu to select size and material. There you can find a 19” x 19” sample of self adhesive material and few lines lower a 25” x 20” sample of the traditional material. 

3. How much will one 19" x 19" self adhesive panel cover? Where can I use it?

The 19" x 19" panel is our wallpaper sample. It serves only as a wallpaper sample showing you the wallpaper material, colors and scale of the chosen design as well as other relevant information. The sample is 19 inches wide x 19 inches high / 48.2 cm wide x 48.2 cm high and has a 0.5 inch informational line with design description at the bottom of the panel. 

4. How many wallpaper panels are included in one quantity?

Each wallpaper panel is sold separately. If you order one panel of a certain size, your order will only include this 1 panel. Make sure to calculate how much wallpaper panels your wall actually requires. We have made a tutorial on how to do that correctly here!

5. How do I order custom colors?

If the design is customisable, there is going to be a dropdown menu at the listing to pick colors. Select the 'custom color' option and at the cart add a note at the “Special instructions to seller” with all the details on customisation.

6. Can I order wallpaper in gold or any metallic or shiny colors?

Unfortunately at the moment we don’t offer any metallic or shiny colors. There is, however, an option of faux gold, that resembles gold and gives a very similar feel, like this product.

7. What surfaces will the self adhesive wallpaper stick to?

Smooth and flat surfaces should do. For example, smoothly painted walls, glass, mirrors, cabinet doors without texture, sliding wardrobe doors.

8. Is the wallpaper suitable for bathrooms?

It is! However we advise to use it for decorative purposes and avoid areas where it would be in direct contact with water (shower, bath, backsplash area). Both materials are gently cleanable with a damp cloth or soft sponge.

9. Can I reuse the self adhesive wallpaper?

We don’t advertise our self adhesive wallpaper being reusable. However it is possible to reuse it. You would have to keep the backing paper and be extra careful when removing the wallpaper, as you can’t let it stick to it self you have to make sure the wallpaper has stuck to the backing paper perfectly so the adhesive doesn’t dry out in the period while the wallpaper is being transported to it’s new home.

10. Where do you ship to?

We ship worldwide. United Kingdom, USA, Canada, Italy, Singapore, New Zealand. You name it!

11. Will I have to sign for the acceptance of Livette’s wallpaper parcel?

Yes, you will have to sign for the parcel upon delivery.