Most popular removable wallpapers of 2018

The year has almost come to an end and we have rounded up seven of our favourite interior projects with the most popular Livette's wallpapers of 2018. Have you used any of our wallpapers for your interior project this year? Don't hesitate to get in touch, we'd love to see the final look!
Modern scandi boho living room with eclectic spot wallpaper and white interior decor
1. Modern scandi boho living room with Eclectic spot wallpaper
Scandi boho or boho chic inspired interiors have been very popular this year and this one in particular has made us fall in love over and over again. The neutral color color palette of this living room interior with just the right amount of black and white is simply beautiful. The pattern of the Eclectic spot wallpaper and other textures of the interior creates a cohesive look complementing one another wonderfully. We still can't take our eyes off! 
Minimal boho nursery interior with delicate herringbone wallpaper in black and white
2. Minimal boho nursery with Delicate herringbone wallpaper
As we have written in our previous blog post, this minimal boho nursery has been all over internet for the last six months! You may have seen it on Instagram or Pinterest, or Project Nursery, or [insert a blog name here] and we believe it has definitely taken your breath away. Our Delicate Herringbone wallpaper has been used in almost any room you can imagine, but the most popular choice this year has been nurseries. It is a gender neutral wallpaper and can be styled in various of ways and works with bohemian, Scandinavian, minimalistic or eclectic interiors. Dress it up with marble and brass accents or tone it down to an all white interior, it just works. If you have used it in your interior, please send us some photos, we are excited to see the different final looks of this humble black and white wallpaper! :)
Mid century modern nursery with grey speckle wallpaper and bohemian home decor
3. Mid century modern nursery with Grey speckle wallpaper
Grey Speckle wallpaper has been another top choice of the year for girl bedrooms especially. This wallpaper creates a subtle background for a truly feminine interior. Grey works perfectly with pink, marble and glitters, or in this case - pastel pink, light wood, rattan and pom poms. Bohemian home decor pieces and mid-century modern furniture, such as the Eams chair, is the perfect match. We truly believe that opposites attract! 
Glam girls room interior with dalmatian wallpaper and pink tufted bed
4. Glam girl's bedroom with Dalmatian print wallpaper
If a girly glamour interior is the one you have been looking to design, Dalmatian print wallpaper is just the one you need. Pair this black and white wallpaper with all pink throw pillows, tufted headboard, some black and white throw blanket and there you have it! Girly chic bedroom interior. Or go wild, mix it with various different colors and textures for an eclectic girls bedroom interior, just as JandJDesign group did in this one. Love it!
Modern master bedroom with geometric wallpaper and mid century furniture
5. Modern master bedroom with Geometric wallpaper
This must be our favourite master bedroom design of the year! This Geometric Flower wallpaper has been used mainly in dining room, bathroom or kitchen interiors, however here is a bold proof that it works just as well in a sophisticated modern bedroom interior. This rather minimalistic wallpaper along with the grey tufted headboard gives a vibe of sophistication while aztec throw pillows and tribal area rug adds a bit of playfulness. Fantastic bedroom styling!
Scandi boho bedroom interior with tribal wallpaper and wood home decor
6. Scandi boho bedroom with Scandinavian design wallpaper
Another scandi inspired wallpaper that works wonders with bohemian home decor! Our Scandinavian design wallpaper has been a top choice for kids rooms as it is a rather bold pattern, however we have to say that it works in literally any room of the house. Bohemian bedroom interior? Yes! Minimalistic mudroom design? Yes! Bold powder room remodel? You name it!.. Have you used this Scandinavian design wallpaper in your home? Or maybe office? Please let us know! :)
Mid century modern powder room with bold wallpaper
7. Mid century modern powder room with bold Brush stroke wallpaper
And this last one is for all mid-century design lovers. If you have planned a powder room remodel and round mirrors, brass accents and walnut furniture is your thing, our black and white Brush stroke wallpaper will fit in perfectly!
This has been an amazing year with oh-so many wonderful #livetteswallpaper projects and to be honest, we cannot wait to see what the year 2019 brings! We are sending hugs and kisses to everyone who has taken time to forward us their stunning interior project photos. As interiorlovers, we truly believe that design makes the world a better place! 

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