One Room Challenge Week 1 - Boho Chic Home Office Design

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The week that we've all been waiting for is finally here! This time we are going to design a very boho chic home office and we are happy to share with you our One Room Challenge progress over the next 5 weeks. Stay tuned!
Boho chic home office mood board, One Room Challenge Week 1
It is probably one of the most exciting interior projects I've had so far, because it's actually my very own home office interior! Somehow I always put these type of design jobs aside, as there is always something more important.. And somehow One Room Challenge comes to the rescue! 6 weeks of determined planning, DIY'ing and decorating to achieve the perfect work space design suited for me. I'm beyond excited to finish this spice so everything would be neat and organised and in it's place!
I'm a huge fan of neutral shades, and as the color of the walls is light grey (similar to Benjamin Moore's Graytint) and the floors are dark wood I chose to operate with white and sand-coloured decors to keep the room light and airy. 
To add a touch of femininity to the room, I've planned to install our Grey Peony removable wallpaper one one of the walls and add a bit of luxe to the room with gold and brass details.  
As I like to play with different textures to make the interior more interesting, this room will have some rattan interior decors as well as sheepskin rugs, sheer linen fabric curtains and lots of greenery. 
The room itself is quite small, and has the most light at the middle of the day. To bring more light and space into it, I plan to play around with mirrors and perhaps some glass and crystal decors to fool the eye and make it appear bigger than it actually is.
I hope the vibe of my future home office can be felt from the mood board above, and as the weeks go by I will definitely share some more detailed information of the interior decors that I'll use in the upcoming posts of the One Room Challenge Fall edition. Best of luck to all the fellow One Room Challengers and talk to you soon!

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