Modern wildflower removable wallpaper styled in nursery interior, mudroom and laundry room


Ever heard about the One Room Challenge? It's a great home improvement challenge that inspires to redesign your living space with creative & original ideas while sharing your progress with others. Let's see how our wildflower wallpaper designs took part in three different ORC Spring 2020 challenge projects.
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Modern boho master bedroom reveal, One Room Challenge 2019

Modern Bohemian Bedroom Reveal | One Room Challenge 2019 - Week 6

The final week of One Room Challenge is here and that can only mean one thing - it's time to reveal the finished bedroom interior! Scroll down to tour our jungle inspired modern boho master bedroom, and let us know in the comments if this design style agrees with you.
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Modern boho bedroom styling tips, One Room Challenge 2019

Make your bedroom a sanctuary | One Room Challenge 2019 - Week 4

For our week 4 of One Room Challenge 2019 we have selected 4 important steps to make your bedroom a true sanctuary. Remember, this room is meant for relaxation and recreation and these four tips include advice for a neatly organised space just as well as mental well being. 

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Modern abstract canvas art DIY - One Room Challenge 2019, Week 3

DIY modern canvas art | One Room Challenge Week 3

Week 3 is here and we are working on some contemporary art DIY project. Read more to find some modern art inspiration for your next interior remodel and see a little sneak peek of the art piece that we're creating!

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The modern boho bedside table design - one room challenge 2019 spring

Week 2 of One Room Challenge 2019 has arrived and this week we are shopping for the perfect bedside table for our modern bohemian master bedroom interior! Leave comment below to vote for your favourite option!

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